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President Kong Fanxing Inspected Urumchi, Jinan and Qingdao Offices and Qingdao Campus of Hongwen School


To thoroughly examine the Company’s development and hear the voice of its staff, in November, Vice Chairman, Executive Director and CEO of Far East Horizon Kong Fanxing and his party visited the Company’s Urumchi, Jinan and Qingdao offices successively to conduct an in-depth research at the front line, and for the first time made an investigation trip to the Qingdao campus of Hongwen School with cordial interactions with the school’s management team.




During his trips, President Kong Fanxing was accompanied by other leaders including Xu Huibin (Assistant President), Zhang Ye (General Manager of the Inclusive Finance Department), Dai Yong (Deputy General Manager of the Operation Center), Pan Yang (Co-General Manager of the Asset Center), Shen Liwei (General Manager of the Capital Center), Li Feng (General Manager of the Finance Center), Liu Jiandong (Co-General Manager of the Administration Center), and Zhang Yan (General Manager of the Human Resources Department).


November 11     Urumchi Office


The Urumchi Office is the farthest away from the Company’s Shanghai Operation Center. President Kong Fanxing spoke frankly, despite its location at China’s border area, Xinjiang has the city of the highest per capital GDP in China—Karamay. It has too many achievements of economic development for the eye to take in, and the employees at the Urumchi Office are reassuringly imbued with vigor and vitality.





Never Admit Defeat in the Face of “Involution”


When some employees asked about how to view the social phenomenon of “involution,” President Kong Fanxing pointed out sharply, “The nature of involution is decreased resource efficiency.” Also, he made a vivid metaphor that “the gradual slow-down of dividend release after 40 years of rapid economic development is like a leaf that naturally curls up under a glass cover.”


In order to save the Company from “involution,” President Kong expressed that Far East Horizon has been constantly denying itself, and always maintained continuous expansion of resources. “Searching for oases in desert and survivors in a sea of cadavers is our consistent operation philosophy and strategic logic, which requires unflinching strategic focus and hard-bitten willpower.”





In addition to keeping the intangible “glass cover” away from the Company as far as possible, President Kong reminded the staff that the good old times are gone, and all employees must take full advantage of the Company’s open, fair and impartial talent policies, and make active efforts in a down-to-earth manner. “Good opportunity does not present itself. Keep fighting, stay true to your original aspiration, and pursue excellence. Everyone must have the courage to never admit defeat.”



November 22-23      Jinan Office


During President Kong’s visit to Jinan, a new round of cold wave was just passing through Shandong Province. With the warmth of sunshine, the winter in Jinan still showed plenty of vitality. President Kong expressed, Shandong is a major province in the business layout of the Company, and one the regions with the heaviest assets of the Company and the greatest contribution to its achievements. The development of Jinan Office from “seven work desks and a few employees” to a team of over a hundred members has fully demonstrated the professionalism and achievement of our colleagues fighting at the frontier of Shandong Province.”



△President Kong Fanxing inspecting the new address of Jinan Office



Creating Open Ecosystem & Promoting Business Collaboration


As for questions about how to promote “business collaboration” within the Company, President Kong stated unequivocally: “When everybody adds fuel, the flames rise high.” The Company will firmly push forward the “last mile” reform, hoping that every employee can fully mobilize resources and encourage trans-regional and cross-industry business collaboration.





 “Everyone is responsible for the rise or fall of Far East Horizon.” President Kong pointed out that, with a completely open ecosystem established in the Company, every account manager is the farthest point that all its resources can reach; in addition to paying attention to individual performance, they can give full play to their talent and abilities in every business direction of the Company.





In order to continuously promote the “business collaboration” mechanism, Far East Horizon will guarantee its implementation on multiple aspects, to ensure that “steel wires are twisted into steel wire rope.”

1. Organizational aspect: The Company establishes an innovation and collaboration committee at its top, an innovation and collaboration organization in each zone, and a special business development post in every business department.


2. Corporate aspect: The Company establishes a strategic cooperation department, to facilitate efficient business collaboration within the Company, integrate external resources, promote effective implementation of comprehensive operation and multi-level services, and construct a new business pattern characterized by powerful alliance, complementary advantages and win-win cooperation.

3. Incentive aspect: To provide specific incentives for organizations and individuals, the Company launches the “business collaboration” APP with “dessert,” “snack” and “reward” sectors, to continuously promote the “partnership” mechanism and referral business, integrate resources within the Company, and offer clients diversified solutions.






November 24      Qingdao Office


In winter, Qingdao is still a beautiful city with blue sea and sky decorated with red tiles and green trees. After visiting Jinan Office, President Kong and his party rushed to Qingdao without a stop, to inspect the Qingdao Office newly established this year, and listen to the advice and needs of local staff.



△President Kong Fanxing inspecting Qingdao Office




City-level Upgrade & Industry-level Exploration

An account manager asked, in the complex and changeable environment at present, what’s the development direction of the forefront? The answer of President Kong is: the future will only be full of more drastic changes against the backdrop of industrial iteration, environmental replacement and economic development, and enterprises sticking to traditions are bound to die out eventually.


 “The era of traditions is over! We must keep exploring in great depth and searching for the “invisible champions” with sustainable vitality, to sift out excellent enterprises from the new waves and serve them.”


President Kong indicated the holistic strategy of the Company for the next year clearly—city-level upgrade and industry-level exploration. “Far East Horizon does not have a benchmark in the market in the strict sense. We are one of a kind. In the future, Far East Horizon will keep marching forward along the path of pattern innovation.”





“Often imitated but never surpassed.” President Kong cheered the staff of every office during his trips, “Our development shows that the Company is full of potential energy and developing with the correct business direction, effective internal operations and effective system management.” As an encouragement, President Kong told the staff that China is big enough for one’s work throughout the life, and Far East Horizon is great enough to be the stage for one’s lifetime career. “You don’t have to worry about the ending of your career life. You just need to keep thinking how to be more innovative.”



November 25      Qingdao campus of Hongwen School


The last stop of this round of trips is the Qingdao campus of Hongwen School. It was the first time that President Kong visited the campus during his inspection of branch offices. It happened to be Thanksgiving on the day of visit, and President Kong expressed Thanks to the school’s management and teachers for their hard work. President Kong said emotionally, “The reason for the splendid achievements of Qingdao campus of Hongwen School is a group of teachers who endure all kinds of hardships and devote themselves unconditionally. You are the soul of this school!”






Following the Law of Education & Striving Forward


The management team of the Qingdao campus of Hongwen School gave a report on the operating performance of this school from aspects including teaching ideas, school management and team building, and reviewed the innumerable achievements of this school since its establishment in 2009. The Qingdao campus of Hongwen School is a relatively “young” school, but over 60% of its staff are senior employees with above 7 or 8 years of experience. About 1/5 of its graduates have been accepted by Top 10 world-famous universities accumulatively, and the number of its Class 2020 graduates is expected to exceed 100.





What on earth is the core of education? “Hardware is important, but teachers are the key. The school only exists with the presence of teachers; good teachers are the backbone of a great school!” President Kong admitted frankly, to actually be here and feel the power of models in the education system of Far East Horizon has really “ignited” his emotions.



△ President Kong Fanxing speaking at the symposium


President Kong said, just like the growth of an enterprise, education also requires the combined efforts of generations. Today, Hongwen School has already established a great reputation, and created positive brand association. “The school running philosophy and methodology of Far East Horizon have received the recognition of government at all levels. And the rest is following the law of education and striving forward. The future belongs to students, and we are only the ladder to their success.”




During his trips, President Kong pointed out that the development of Far East Horizon is highly coupled with the economic development of China, and no subversive or strategic errors have ever been found. Its management level and management system have proven to be effective. According to estimation, this year the achievements of Far East Horizon will set a record high, accompanied by continuous optimization of its revenue structure, which is the result of joint efforts of the entire staff of Far East Horizon.


As the new year is approaching, President Kong emphasized that employees of various business directions should make the best of the end of a year—a perfect time for mind emancipation, to conduct thorough self-reflection, and fully consider development and operating strategies of the future.




However long a journey is, you will arrive after you start; however difficult a task is, it can be completed if you try. President Kong said, “We are all just ordinary people, but the future of Far East Horizon requires our endurance and perseverance. We all have great responsibilities to shoulder!” At the dawning of a new age, Far East Horizon must adhere to the “finance + industry” development strategy, further its business exploration and keep striving, so as to meet the challenge of the new age with confidence and bravery.