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New Year's Message from President of Far East Horizon



Integrity, Pragmatism, Innovation and Vision

At the turn of the year, the time for recalling eventful years in the past and appreciating the enchanting landscapes of our motherland today, I, on behalf of the board of directors and management of Far East Horizon, extend to you our warmest greetings and best wishes for the New Year!

2021 is a year of historical significance. It is the centenary of the Communist Party of China as well as the 20th anniversary of the Company's relocation. For twenty years, with its entrepreneurial journey integrated into the development of the Party and the nation, Far East Horizon has served tens of thousands of brick-and-mortar enterprises and invested an accumulated total of over one trillion yuan. Thanks to its consistently implemented basic principle, Far East Horizon has maintained positive growth, underlying assets security and effective operation and management, and good development momentum for twenty consecutive years. This year, to the satisfaction of the society, its performance may hit a milestone high.

Keeping the original aspiration in mind at all times and forging ahead unstoppable, Far East Horizon has formed a future-oriented business layout based on the “finance + industry” development  strategy: the main tone of business is set by conventional financial business with financial lease as the core; its new financial business including commercial factoring, overseas business, infrastructure investment, equity investment, inclusive finance and asset business is getting better and turning into another growth engine; Horizon Construction Development, the equipment operation platform echoing the new capital  construction era, is getting onto the track of capitalization, and the industrial landscape towards the direction of big health suits the national policy orientation as well as the grass-roots demands for medical services. With the support of multiple pillars, the Company's overall business structure is becoming increasingly more steady.

With the combination of financial and industrial resources and the linkage of domestic and overseas operations, Far East Horizon has blazed a trail of development with finance as the leading  feature while constantly pursuing the essence of the financial service industry. The Company's conventional business and new business together enriched the nconnotation of financial service innovation, and its industrial operation layout further strengthened the professional advantages of Far East Horizon in real economy, thus forcing a systematic service ability with unique characteristics.

Indeed, under the combined influence of unprecedented changes in a century and the global pandemic, the external situation has undergone profound and complex changes. We shall neither stand still nor drift along, let alone blaming fate or other people. Only by self-improvement and active adaptation can we lay a new foundation for the next round of survival and development of Far East Horizon. The greatest organizational structure reform since the Company's relocation has injected new energy into Far East Horizon for it to prosper under the new circumstances.

We must make active efforts to adapt ourselves to the new development trend of the Chinese economy, take the initiative to look for new aspects and key points for the Company to serve the new economic situation, adhere to the keynote of “serving urban upgrade and industrial upgrade,” and take deeper roots with more down-to-earth business layout and more diversified products and services. Far East Horizon will strengthen business collaboration, enhance resources efficiency, and create an ecosystem of constructive interactions, to help industrial clients of vitality in the future.  We are obligated to render better services to micro entities of the Chinese economy.

However difficult the future path may seem, the challenges will be overcome with our firm strides. A new journey is now awaiting us. Let's welcome the next 20 years with a new attitude, devote every effort to establishing a new development pattern of Far East Horizon, and forge ahead towards  the vision of “building an excellent enterprise with utmost strength.”


Far East Horizon Co., Ltd.


Vice  Chairman  of the  Board  and  CEO

Kong  Fanxing