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Far East Horizon Won the First ADB Rural Pandemic Response Award


On May 9, the first “ADB Private Sector Green Carpet Awards Ceremony” was hosted online by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Due to its outstanding contribution to epidemic prevention and control and medical care improvement in rural China over the years, Far East Horizon was awarded the “Rural Pandemic Response Award.” Wang Mingzhe, Executive Director and CFO of Far East Horizon, attended the ceremony upon invitation and delivered a speech. 



The award was presented to Far East Horizon by Vice President Ashok Lavasa of the ADB, who spoke highly of the Company’s contribution to rural pandemic response and narrowing the gap between urban and rural healthcare standards through financial support. 


Δ Mr. Ashok Lavasa presented the award to Far East Horizon online

Mr. Ashok Lavasa said, “The outbreak of COVID-19 posed a serious challenge to epidemic prevention and control in rural China, which required a substantial increase in investment in medical infrastructure correspondingly, especially in public hospitals of rural counties. With over two decades of financial leasing experience in the healthcare industry, Far East Horizon offered county-level public hospitals with crucial financial leasing services for medical equipment. Such financial support has far-reaching impact on narrowing the gap between urban and rural healthcare standards, increasing opportunities for the rural population to access quality medical services, and improving the response of rural areas to COVID-19.”


Mr. Wang Mingzhe thanked the panel for recognizing Far East Horizon’s efforts in fighting the pandemic. In 2020, the Company engaged in a special cooperation program with the ADB, to improve medical equipment in county-level hospitals in China through financial leasing, extend focused support to the testing and treatment of novel coronavirus, and offer overseas financial support to improve medical equipment and fight COVID-19 in rural China.


Δ Mr. Wang Mingzhe attended the online conference

Since this March, the epidemic situation has been unprecedently severe in Shanghai. The subsidiaries of Far East Horizon supported Shanghai in the battle against COVID-19 with concerned efforts: Far Eastern Leasing donated special funds and supplies for epidemic prevention and control to the Government of Putuo District, the Lujiazui Administration of Pudong New Area, the World Expo Administration, and the Shanggang Xincun Subdistrict Office, with a total amount of almost 3 million yuan; the medical workers of Horizon Healthcare jointed the Jiangsu medical team to support Shanghai and rushed to the rescue; and Horizon Construction Development worked day and night to support the construction of multiple mobile cabin hospitals in Shanghai. As a Hong Kong-listed enterprise, Far East Horizon pulled together and strengthened mutual assistance with Shanghai in times of crisis, to contribute its strength to win the battle against COVID-19.



Mr. Wang Mingzhe expressed that Far East Horizon has conducted in-depth cooperation with many international financial institutions including the ADB over the years to actively promote the development of China’s real economy. The Company has established a good collaborative relationship with numerous international large-scale financial institutions in regions such as Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, the Middle East and Australia, its cooperation partners including over a hundred banking financial institutions and renowned fund insurance investors. 



Looking into the future, Far East Horizon will continue its steady march into the development stage of “globalization of resources and operation.” Based in the Hong Kong market, it will further strengthen its international and diversified resource advantages and provide more composite and integrated services for the real economy, adhering to the vision of building an excellent enterprise and striving for the people’s well-being.