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Grand Opening of New Office Location of Far East Horizon’s Hong Kong Headquarters
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Under the radiance of Hong Kong’s bauhinia flower, this new year witnessed the opening of the new office location of Far East Horizon’s headquarters. On January 26, i.e., the fifth day of the first month of the Lunar Year, the Hong Kong headquarters of Far East Horizon held the opening ceremony of its new office location. The new nameplate was unveiled by Mr. Kong Fanxing, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Director and CEO of Far East Horizon, together with Senior Vice President Cao Jian, Vice President Wang Ruisheng, General Manager of Horizon Construction Development Pan Yang, VP of Far East Horizon and General Manager of Overseas Business Department Zhang Ye. Zhang Quanquan, General Manager of Investor Relations Department and Head of Administrative Affairs of the Hong Kong office, officiated the ceremony and attended the celebrations along with representatives of the Hong Kong staff.


In his speech at the opening ceremony, Mr. Kong said that it is a very important moment, and it marks a new dawn in Far East Horizon’s history. After over two decades of development, Far East Horizon has developed from an unknown company to an enterprise with assets exceeding 300 billion yuan, through the localization of resources and localization of operation, the globalization of resources and localization of operation, and then the globalization of resources and globalization of operation. Now is the opening of Far East Horizon’s Stage 3 strategy, and also the commencement of its third ten-year development plan. In the past two decades the people of Far East Horizon witnessed the golden times of the mainland’s opening up in Shanghai; today, we hope that the opening of the new location can witness another two decades of brilliant achievements of Hong Kong in the future.

Mr. Kong said encouragingly that the Hong Kong staff are entrusted with the expectations and hopes of all colleagues in the mainland, and sincerely hoped that they can exploit the strategic concept of “Backed by Mainland, Based in Hong Kong, Influencing Southeast Asia,” give full play to Hong Kong’s role as a bridge, draw support from the mainland’s accumulated strength, take advantage of the new development hot spot in Southeast Asia, and create more brilliant achievements for Far East Horizon at the next stage.

To welcome the New Year, the people of Far East Horizon are radiant with joy, proposing toasts to the prosperity of the Company, handling out envelopes to wish for profits pouring in from all sides, and performing lion dances to celebrate the Company’s outstanding achievements...

Standing at a new start point, Far East Horizon has embarked on a new journey and begun to seek new breakthroughs. With the opening of the new location of its Hong Kong headquarters as an opportunity, Far East Horizon will fully exploit its advantages as a market-oriented, international and specialized company, turn itself into an important window to help clients reach overseas resources, and transform the Hong Kong headquarters into a “Hong Kong liaison office” for clients, so as to continuously satisfy the needs of industrial clients for a larger span, more dimensions and wider regions, and bring the Company’s globalization strategy to the next level.



New Location of Far East Horizon’s Hong Kong Headquarters

67/F, International Commerce Centre, 1 West Austin Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


With a total floor area of 10672 square feet, the new headquarters is built with a concise and straightforward design and choice materials with a fantastic view of the bay, a neat floor plan and smooth circulation routes, which demonstrates the beauty of inclusiveness, elegance and modernism.