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In the New Era, New Stage and New Journey, the New Official Website of Far East Horizon is Online!
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“There is a grand plan far away from the mountains,
and the eastern wind brings the spring letter”


After one year of careful polishing, 
the official website of Far East Horizon
has been fully revised and officially launched!


A brand-new business formation
Full and detailed company information
Magnificent and exquisite interface design
Innovative and smart interactive experience

Everything you want to know about Far East Horizon is here!

View the new official website in 110 seconds


The latest business guide


The columns of the new official website are extended according to the latest organizational structure of the Far East, "Finance + Industry", as a two-wheel drive, like two wings flying together, and each major business formation is arranged in turn.


"Far East Horizon: a comprehensive group with business across finance and industry" is clearly in front of us.


  • Financial business

Financial leasing and other financial services

  • Industrial business

Equipment operation, health care, K-12 education, other industries


The most complete information Encyclopedia


|Do you know about the 20-year development of Far East?
|What is the core development concept of Far East?
|What are the big names of shareholders in Far East?
|How many business sectors are there in Far East?
|What kind of people are Far East looking for?
|What does the Far East Horizon Plaza look like?

The answers to all of these questions can be found on Far East's new website. The new official website gives you an all-round introduction to Far East Horizon through massive and detailed pictures, videos and so on. Each business section has an independent display page, and each industry segment has its own unique product introduction, which fully meets readers' information needs in depth and breadth. It can be called "Far East Horizon Online Encyclopedia".


  • ·About the Far East  Browse the first stop

Depicting the "first impression" of Far East from the past to the present

  • Business area  In-depth understanding

Show the business management and excellence of each major business

  • News center  Far East voice

Collect the latest news and events of the company

  • Investor relations  Value embodiment

Provide timely and objective information of listed companies

  • Social responsibility  Corporate responsibility

"Far East power" to promote the harmonious development of industries, economy and society

  • Recruiting talents  Job Bible

Master the "election, appointment, education and retention" of "Huangpu Military Academy"

  • Contact us  Reach at one touch 

Whenever and wherever you are, all roads lead to Far East


The most beautiful image of the Far East


With the mission of "gathering global resources and helping China's industry", Far East Horizon has the confidence of being inclusive like an ocean that admits hundreds of rivers, and believes in the Doctrine of the Mean of calm and magnanimity. The new official website has absorbed the essence of China's traditional culture. It integrates the elegant and implicit elements of Chinese elements with the modern atmosphere layout style, striving to show the value and cultural connotation accumulated by people from Far East over the past 20 years with righteous spirit, harmony, practical and exquisite beauty.



The most smart interactive function


The new official website's interactive dynamic effect, interactive function and terminal adaptation are also quite thoughtful. The smart interaction is the icing on the cake for the beautiful page, bringing a pleasant reading experience. The "Offices" column can inquire and locate more than 20 nationwide offices of Far East and the "Cooperation and Arrangement" column can reach all business lines with one click.


The responsive page automatically adapts to a variety of screen sizes, allowing you to “surf the web” through tablets and mobile phones.



Welcome to enter the new portal of Far East , and feel the unique charm of Far East!