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Far East Horizon Exhibition Hall makes its Debut and Welcome Your Presence!
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In the past 20 years, how did Far East emerge from being insolvent and on the verge of bankruptcy to a unique development pattern with business across finance and industry? What has inspired generations of Far East people to seize every minute and fight hard? What kind of future will the Far East create on the road of serving the real economy?


The new appearance of Far East Horizon exhibition hall 
concentrates on the strategic layout of Far East, 
panoramically presents the development history of Far East, 
profoundly records the striving spirit of Far East, 
and vividly interprets the original aspiration and mission of Far East.
All questions in your mind can be answered here.

Highlights of the new Far East Horizon Exhibition hall


Far East Horizon Exhibition Hall is located in the northwest of the lobby on the first floor of Far East Horizon Plaza, covering an area of nearly 1,000 square meters. When you enter through the two doors, the first thing you see is the "Spirit of Far East". The opening speech of the exhibition hall is the seven-sentence magnificent words about the way to search for Far East. Moving forward, the long map of Far East with nine chapters unfolds gradually——



"A brief history of Far East" 
——A passionate picture that witnessed the eventful years 


Iron ore can only be turned into steel after a hundred times of tempering, and a silkworm pupa can only be turned into a butterfly by cocooning. In 2001, 11 people from Far East, with their entrepreneurial dreams, travelled thousands of miles to the far south without hesitation, and started a new journey in Shanghai beach, the forefront of reform and opening up. They built systems, expanded businesses, created models, introduced strategic investment, courageously went public, and promoted reform... They have constantly rewritten the history of China's leasing industry and created one miracle after another.



"The honor of the enterprise" 
 ——To create value for all sectors of the society


Since it moved to the south for 20 years, the development of Far East has been highly recognized by all sectors of the society: it has been awarded the title of Advanced Enterprise of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council; it has been listed in the Forbes Global 2000 and Fortune China 500 for many years; it has won the the award of outstanding contribution to regional economy for many times....These honors serve as a responsibility and a spur for the people of Far East to keep the world in mind, move towards higher development goals and deliver benefits to more people.



"Evolution of Far East"
 ——To explore the way of enterprise survival and development


Far East people believe that there are three essential factors driving the development of enterprises: resources, science and technology, and model. An enterprise without core elements is doomed to be water without a source and a tree without roots. Far East has chosen the mode driven path, taking the business model of continuous evolution and upgrading as the most fundamental driving factor for its survival and development, and has applied this mode drive throughout the company's operation, management and resource guarantee practices.


"Financial services" 
 ——Taking root in the industry to serve the industry

Far East has always been rooted in the basic industries of China's national economy and people's livelihood. With more financial services, it provides customized comprehensive financial solutions for real enterprises to meet the diversified needs of customers in the process of production and operation and practically implements the mission of "gathering global resources to help China's industry".


"Industrial operation" 
——Relying on industrial accumulation to continuously extend industrial layout


Relying on its profound industrial accumulation, Far East has gradually participated in the industry and operation industry from the service industry, and expanded its physical distribution in equipment operation, medical health, K-12 education and other fields, and has truly become an important force to promote the growth of the industry.


"The way of talent development"
——People who are of the same mind are on the same road


Far East's greatest achievement is that it has gathered a group of employees who have ideas, dreams, pursuits, skills and are unwilling to be mediocre. They uphold the spirit of the Far East, boost the real economy, and make great efforts to build an excellent enterprise. They are the most valuable assets of Far East.


"Party building culture" 
 —— Stay true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind


The Far East Party committee conforms to the needs of national development, closely follows the changing trend of the times, and integrates the party's fine traditions and political advantages into the internal development fabric of the enterprise. In the process of self-development, the company has contributed to the development of the country and the nation.



"Honor wall"
 ——Elites in the Far East Honour Roll, the best of the best


Among them, there are the winners of "President Special Award" for financial business, who are the important source of value creation for Far East and the solid strength in the operation of the company. There are also outstanding employees who have won awards over the years, who are representatives of countless employees who have devoted themselves to the development of Far East.



"Social public welfare"
 ——Create value, share and forge harmonious development


Far East has been committed to the five social responsibility fields of investor responsibility, customer responsibility, employee responsibility, environmental responsibility and public welfare responsibility so as to promote the healthy, sustainable, stable and harmonious development of the industrial economy and the whole society, thus creating value for all stakeholders.

Running in the wind and rain, training the will and conduct
Since moving to the south, Far East has gone through a magnificent and extraordinary course of development
and the exhibition hall is like a time machine, treasuring the memories of the years. 
Here every picture and each piece of exhibit is shining brightly


The old car that has experienced the journey moving to the South

The memorial tripod when Far East successfully introduced strategic investment

Since its opening in 2018, Far East Horizon Exhibition Hall has received over 5,000 visits from Party and government organs at all levels, enterprises and public institutions, universities, overseas organizations and other visiting groups, with tens of thousands of visitors, which has been praised by all parties.

If you want to visit the Far East Horizon Exhibition Hall, please make an appointment according to the instructions below——


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Apply for “Exhibition Hall Visit”

Exhibition hall address: 1/F, Far East Horizon Plaza, No.9 Yaojiang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Visit time: 8:30-17:30 on weekdays

After the successful appointment, we will have our exclusive customer manager to contact you, and arrange a professional guide to serve you throughout the whole process.


Gold commentator team of Far East Horizon Exhibition Hall 

Welcome to the Far East Horizon Exhibition Hall
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