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Fehorizon Won Another Honor in ESG—“Chief Sustainable Development Officer”
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On January 16, the 2024 CSO Global Sustainable Development Summit was declared open in Shanghai. With “Driving Future Business with Sustainability” as the theme, the summit focuses on the new context of climate crisis, ESG management and responsible investment, barrier-free workplace construction, etc., and shares the latest trend studies and enterprise practices. Today, as a role model of sustainable development for the finance industry, Fehorizon has received the highest honor simultaneously revealed at the Summit—the title of 2024 “Chief Sustainable Development Officer.”


▲ Senior Director of Strategy Center of Fehorizon Mr. Sun Tao (third from right) received the award on behalf of the Company


The CSO Global Sustainable Development Summit is sponsored by CCM CSR Promotion Center, and co-hosted by Bizdao Consulting and National Business Daily. As an upgrade from the former CRO Global Responsibility Summit, this Summit was initiated in 2018, with spotlight on responsible development and sustainable practices of business, sharing sustainable development cases and experience and promotion of enterprise sustainable development. The selection of “Chief Sustainable Development Officer”—a heavyweight part of the Summit—is aimed at urging more enterprises to join in the construction of sustainable development capacity and promoting the sustainable development process of enterprises themselves as well as the entire society.


Nowadays, the capacity for sustainable development has gradually become an important dimension for measuring enterprise value. While continuing to innovate and developing integrated industry operation services, Fehorizon stresses five major social responsibilities towards investors, clients, staff, environment and public wellness, promotes green and low-carbon transformation at the operation level and the business level, contributes to the realization and implementation of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” goals with practical actions, and promotes the healthy, sustainable, stable and harmonious development of industrial economy and the entire society.


Award-winning case of Fehorizon: 

Energy-saving transformation project of existing residential buildings in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province


The energy-saving transformation project of existing residential buildings in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province implemented by Fehorizon’s specialized platform in the field of infrastructure investment benefits about 300,000 people in over 600 residential areas of six districts of Taiyuan, and involves a total floor area of around 10.01 million square meters. Upon completion of this project, the residential buildings can realize “heat preservation and insulation,” which is conducive to maintaining a stable room temperature. In addition to improving people’s life quality with a comfortable living environment that is warm in winter and cool in summer, it can also reduce energy consumption effectively. This project was entirely completed and put into operation in 2022. After a whole year of operation in 2023, it is estimated to save 211,800 tons of standard coal and create 161 million yuan of benefits from energy conservation annually. 


Ever since its implementation, this project has received a great amount of attention from mainstream social media including Sina and Xinhua News Agency, and appeared on CCTV news. Currently, numerous communities of various residential neighborhoods are scrambling to request the government and the project company to incorporate themselves into the transformation scheme and speed up the reconstruction, showing that the implementation effects have been highly recognized by the broad masses.


At the whole-new development stage, as macroeconomic and climate issues and challenges become increasingly more prominent, the importance of sustainable development to enterprises and the society is also growing with each passing day. Taking this honor as an opportunity, Fehorizon will continue to insist on the core responsibility concept of “creating shared value and promoting harmonious development together,” devote itself to integrating the idea of sustainable development deeply into corporate governance, strategic development and business operation, strive to become the industry pioneer and advocator of sustainable development, promote the construction of an ecological civilization and an environment-friendly society, and contribute its strength to the creation of a better world.