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Far Eastern Horizon and China Railway No.9 Group Co.,Ltd.Sign the cooperation framework agreement
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Recently,the Far Eastern Horizon and China Railway No.9 Group Co.,Ltd. held the cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony in Far East Horizon Plaza. The two parties will conduct the deeper cooperation in infrastructure project investment, supply chain finance, and construction equipment leasing.


The signing ceremony scene


The China Railway No.9 Group Co., Ltd. Jin Yao Vice General Manager with delegation, Far Eastern Horizon Assistant President Zhan Jing as well as the heads of related departments and subordinate platforms of the Engineering Construction Business Department, Horizon Construction Investment, Horizon Construction and Development, etc., attended the signing ceremony.


The Far Eastern Horizon Assistant President Zhan Jing (The second from the left in the first row) speaking at the meeting


At the meeting, Mr. Zhan first extended a warm welcome to Mr.  Jin and his entourage. He gave a detailed introduction to Far East Horizon's overall strategic layout and engineering construction direction of each sector business. At the same time, he  focused on the investment model of Horizon Construction Investment and combined with project cases to explain. 


Mr. Zhan said that as a central enterprise bureau-level construction unit, China Railway No.9 Group has a reasonable strategic layout and strong construction capabilities. There are many complementary spaces for cooperation with the Far East in the field of engineering construction. He looks forward to the future comprehensive and multi-product strategic cooperation between the two parties.


The China Railway No.9 Group Co., Ltd. Jin Yao Vice General Manager Second from leftspeaking at the meeting


Mr. Jin said that he was greatly shocked during his visit and he sincerely admires the development of the Far East from “a truck” to “a building”. Then, Mr.Jin introduced the development history, management status , current positioning and northeast economic conditions of the China Railway No.9 Group Co., Ltd and said that the signing of the cooperation framework agreement will promote to deepen cooperation, complement each other's advantages and work together for a win-win situation.


At the same day, the two parties fully communicated on conventional financial business, investment business, and construction equipment leasing, and combined specific projects and specific cooperation units for example analysis and in-depth discussion. The leaders of the  China Railway No.9 Group Co., Ltd. showed a great interest in the tridimensional and integrated products and services of the Far East, and sincerely invited the company's leaders to follow-up visits for a further discussion and implement the cooperation.