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Secretary of the Party Committee of Baiyun District, Guangzhou Mr. He Jingqing Visited the Hong Kong Headquarters of Fehorizon
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Recently, a party led by Mr. He Jingqing, Secretary of the Party Committee of Baiyun District, Guangzhou, visited the Hong Kong headquarters of Fehorizon, and carried out exchanges with Fehorizon’s Assistant President Mr. Ma Hong regarding making the best of their respective resources, reinforcing complementary advantages and promoting cooperation in multiple areas.


President Mr. Ma Hong extended a warm welcome to the party of Secretary Mr. He Jingqing, and introduced the development situation of Fehorizon. Mr. Ma emphasized that the Company always persists in the “finance + industry” development strategy, gives active play to its “marketization, internationalization and specialization” advantages, integrates domestic and overseas resources extensively, and hopes to establish long-term deep cooperation with Baiyun District and promote the high-quality development of Baiyun District. General Manager of Public Utilities Department III Mr. Tian Jian introduced the business layout of the Company in Guangzhou and its achievements in business cooperation with Baiyun District in directions including public utilities, investment attraction & implementation, and industrial & financial services.


During the talk, Secretary Mr. He Jingqing thanked Fehorizon for its efforts in contributing to the economic development of Baiyun District, and made a detailed introduction to the location advantages, current economic development situation and pillar industries of Baiyun District. As a central and main district of Guangzhou, Baiyun District is the administrative region with the largest area and the most permanent resident population in Guangzhou. With convenient “land, water, air and railway” transportation, Baiyun District is home to four major transportation hubs including Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Railway Station, Guangzhou International Port, and Guangzhou Railway Station, and prides itself on six pillar industries of over a hundred billion yuan and a “6+6” modern industrial cluster with six strategic industries of over ten billion yuan. In recent years, Baiyun District has been upgrading its layout with focus on “one park, two cities, three capitals and four areas” to lay a solid foundation for high-quality development. Secretary Mr. He cordially invited Fehorizon to inspect Baiyun District, and hoped that the two parties can discuss cooperation opportunities in key areas including urban construction, industrial development and equity investment in great depth.


Both parties indicated that the Baiyun District of Guangzhou and Fehorizon will both follow the principle of staying realistic and pragmatic and pursing high-quality development and actively explore a government-enterprise cooperation mode of pluralistic values to complement each other’s resources, and believed that the future holds even more cooperation opportunities. On the same day, the two parties also discussed topics including deepening industrial investment promotion, medical services, investment in education, revitalization of assets and introduction of foreign capital. 


Other leaders present at the meeting include: Qiu Zhizhong (Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Baiyun District, Guangzhou),Yang Yanze (member of the standing committee of the Party Committee and executive deputy head of Baiyun District), Liu Guohua (member of the standing committee of the Party Committee and head of the United Front Work Department of Baiyun District), and Zeng Dongbiao (member of the standing committee of the Party Committee of Baiyun District, Director of the district Party committee office, and Secretary of the working committee directly under Baiyun District); Song Chao (General Manager of Livelihood & Consumption Department III of Fehorizon), Zhang Quanquan (General Manager of Investor Relations Department and Head of Administrative Affairs of the Hong Kong office), and Wu Yudong (Senior Director of Business Development in the South).