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Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy Head of Linzi District Zibo City Mr. Guo Kehua Visited the Hong Kong Headquarters of Fehorizon
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Recently, member of the standing committee of the Party committee and deputy head of Linzi District, Zibo City Mr. Guo Kehua led a delegation to visit the Hong Kong headquarters of Fehorizon, and conducted in-depth exchanges with the Company’s VP Mr. Zhang Ye surrounding cross-border finance, giving play to their respective advantages, complementing each other with resources, and promoting cooperation in multiple fields.


Mr. Zhang Ye extended a warm welcome to the party of deputy head Mr. Guo Kehua, and introduced the development situation of Fehorizon in great details. He emphasized that Fehorizon always adheres to the “finance + industry” development strategy, gives full play to its “marketization, internationalization and specialization” advantages, strives to promote extensive integration between domestic and overseas resources, and hopes that, taking the issuance of the overseas bonds of Linzi District’s state-owned assets platform as an opportunity, the Company can promote mutual trust and deepen cooperation with Linzi District and promote its high-quality development. Director of Fehorizon International’s Investment Banking Department Mr. Liu Yongxiang elaborated on the services and practice cases of Fehorizon International in the overseas debt capital market, as well as relevant arrangements regarding the road show for the issuance of the overseas bonds of Jiuhe Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Jiuhe Financial Holdings”) of Linzi District, Zibo City.


Deputy head Mr. Guo Kehua talked about the overall situation of Linzi District from multiple aspects including history & culture, social economy, and future development planning. Through active efforts to create the industry benchmark in recent years, Linzi District has now become the No.1 district of Zibo City. Having been selected as “China’s top 100 districts with the greatest comprehensive strength” and “top 100 industrial districts” for many years on a row, it possesses comparative advantages in areas including petrochemical engineering and rare earth new materials. In addition, Mr. Guo Kehua thanked Fehorizon International for leading and organizing this road show in Hong Kong as the underwriter of the overseas creditors of Jiuhe Financial Holdings, and expressed hopes for widening and deepening the cooperation between Jiuhe Financial Holdings and Fehorizon in cross-border finance.


The issuance of the overseas bonds of Jiuhe Financial Holdings this time is the first overseas financing of Linzi District’s state-owned assets platform and valued highly by the local government. Meanwhile, as the underwriter of the enterprise’s overseas creditors, Fehorizon International organized the first road show in Hong Kong, which was participated by the local government, the issuer and investors including Flow Capital, Shandong Hi-Speed Holding Group, ICBC International Holdings and DBS. This road show achieved the desired effect, and was highly rated by the government of Linzi District and Jiuhe Financial Holdings. It has not only demonstrated the comprehensive service capability of Fehorizon International in cross-border finance, but also deepened the Hong Kong investors’ understanding of Linzi District and Jiuhe Financial Holdings.


Later, Fehorizon International will boost the sales of the overseas bonds of Jiuhe Financial Holdings based on this road show; while guaranteeing the successful implementation of this project, it will continue to give play to its professional advantages, and remain devoted to helping more local governments and enterprises to match capital with resources both at home and abroad.