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Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Head of Wuchang District, Wuhan Mr. Fan Likui Visited Fehorizon
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On March 29, deputy secretary of the Party committee and head of Wuchang District, Wuhan Mr. Fan Likui and his party visited the FEHORIZON Plaza in Shanghai, and talked with Fehorizon’s Executive Director and Senior Vice President Mr. Cao Jian, etc. about cooperation. Both parties conducted in-depth exchanges regarding complementing each other with their respective advantages, expanding the areas of cooperation, promoting the development of regional economy, and implementing investment in the healthcare industry. 

During the talk, Mr. Fan Likui introduced the development situation of Wuchang District. With titles including “district of government agencies,” “district of cultural landmark,” “district of the first uprising,” “district of first innovation,” “district of No.1 economic development,” Wuchang enjoys outstanding advantages, expectational business environment and diversified resources. It is hoped that the two parties can carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation based on mutually complementary advantages. Also, Mr. Fan sincerely invited Fehorizon to dispatch a delegation to visit and inspect Wuchang District, and further discuss cooperation in areas including renewal of urban assets, investment in industrial headquarters and development of healthcare and education.

Mr. Cao Jian extended a warm welcome to the party of Mr. Fan Likui, and introduced the development situation of Fehorizon. As a Hong Kong-invested enterprise, Fehorizon adheres to the “finance + industry” business mode, promotes industrial development surrounding the basic industries of national economy and the people’s livelihood, gives play to its “marketization, internationalization and specialization” advantages, and strives to provide even more extensive, diversified and comprehensive services for urban development. Both parties look forward to boosting the high-quality development of regional economy through continuous deepening of cooperation in the future.

Later, General Manager of Public Utilities Department II Mr. Mao Tianxiang, etc. shared with the attending guests the implementation situation of the Company’s business in Hubei Province and Wuhan City, with emphasis on its business cooperation achievements in directions including public utilities, industrial & financial services, and investment invitation & implementation. CFO of HCHORIZON Mr. Wan You talked about HCHORIZON’s business layout in areas such as medicine, healthcare, and medical & old-age care services as well as cooperation opportunities during the process of capitalization.


During the discussion, both parties conducted in-depth exchanges in aspects including deepening cooperation, promoting urban renewal, revitalizing urban assets, attracting investment in healthcare and education, and indicated that there is adequate room for future cooperation.


Others present at the talk include: Li Wujun (Director of the Government Office of Wuchang District), Yu Qi (Director of the Commerce Bureau (Investment Promotion Bureau) of Wuchang District), Zhang Fan (Director of the Health Bureau of Wuchang District), Chen Jing (Director of the State-owned Assets Bureau of Wuchang District), Wu Jiang (Director of the Finance Bureau of Wuchang District and General Manager of Shouyi Scientific Innovation Investment Group), Li Sheng (Chairman of Wuhan Wuchang State-owned Assets Investment and Operations Holdings Co., Ltd.), Cheng Lu (Deputy Director of the Commerce Bureau (Investment Promotion Bureau) of Wuchang District); Cui Jia (Senior Director of Business Development in Central China), and responsible local personnel of Public Utilities Department II of Fehorizon and relevant departments of Fehorizon AMC.