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Good Finance in Five Dimensions—Fehorizon Leasing Won Two Prizes of China’s First Annual Award of Financial Leasing Industry for Innovative Financing (Gold Spring Award)
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Recently, the results of China’s first annual award of financial leasing industry for innovative financing (Gold Spring Award) were revealed in Shanghai. Fehorizon Leasing’s “2023 publicly issued corporate bonds for professional investors (Phase I) (sustainability-linked)” won the “2023 Innovative Finance Award for Best Service in the National Strategic Capital Market.” Furthermore, due to its continuous issuance of innovative financial products over the long term, Fehorizon Leasing won the “2023 Best Capital Market Promoter Award in the Financial Leasing Industry,” which fully affirms the Company’s efforts in contributing to the successful realization of China’s carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, promoting the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and supporting the innovation vitality and development momentum of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises through innovative financial products. Fehorizon’s Vice President Mr. Xu Huibin and General Manager of Capital Center Mr. Shen Li attended the event and received the awards on behalf of the Company.


The Gold Spring Award is the first authoritative official award based on the financing end in China’s financing (financial) leasing industry. It is aimed at excavating and sharing the best practical cases of China’s financial leasing industry in fields including credit financing and direct financial through selection, so as to widen the channels, enhance the efficiency and improve the environment of financing in the industry. In the first Gold Spring Award, 98 projects were eventually selected, involving 77 key financial leasing agencies and 32 financial institutions nationwide.


Inclusive Finance with Focus on Green Development

“2023 publicly issued corporate bonds for professional investors (Phase I) (sustainability-linked)”—the award-winning bond of Fehorizon Leasing with a size of 1 billion yuan—has received AAA bond rating from CCXI. The cumulative amount invested by Fehorizon Leasing in the leasing business of green development and inclusive finance for micro and small enterprises is selected as the key performance indicator, and this bond is the first sustainability-linked bond in the industry to be linked to two indexes.

The key performance indicator selection of this bond is highly consistent with the Company’s main business and overall strategic planning—by making active business arrangements in fields including green development and inclusive finance for micro and small enterprises, coordinate the capital needs of sustainable and green development, continue to focus on scenarios with capital needs of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises such equipment procurement, R&D investment and working capital replenishment, and decrease cost and increase benefit through methods like centralized procurement and optimization of operation and management; meanwhile, by virtue of capital advantages and technological empowerment, continuously innovate business mode and increase scale, contribute to the steady development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, satisfy the ever-increasing demands of green industries and small and medium-sized enterprises, and fully demonstrate the Company’s determination to deliver its promises with active actions in sustainable development.


Continuous Innovation of Finance for the People

Innovation is in the gene of Fehorizon for sustainable development. Since the issuance of China’s first securitized product of leased assets “Far East Phase I ABS” in 2006, Fehorizon Leasing has always been making brave and active attempts to innovate and seek breakthroughs. Having launched many innovative products for the first time in the market, it has become an important participator and promoter of the development of the capital market and the innovation of financing products.



Issued Far East Belt and Road ABS—the first Belt and Road ABS of the industry, with the raised funds used for business in areas along the “Belt” to promote regional construction.


Issued the first renewable corporate bonds for epidemic prevention and control on the Exchange, with the raised funds used for meeting the reasonable financing needs of regions, industries and enterprises greatly influenced by the pandemic.


Issued the first sustainable development bonds in the domestic market, with the raised funds used for supporting sustainable development goals such as action on climate change, healthcare & well-being, social equality and clean drinking water.


Issued Far East Phase II (modernization of agriculture and rural areas) ABS, with the underlying assets covering relevant fields like agricultural R&D, production and processing, which actually and effectively provided capital support for the development of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers.”


Issued a series of securitized products of green assets including Far East Phase I ABN, with the underlying assets covering fields including the construction and operation of supporting facilities of NEVs and the manufacturing of photovoltaic power and solar power equipment, to serve the sustainable development of real economy.


Issued a series of products including “Inclusive Series—2023 Far East Asset-backed Special Plan for High-quality Development of Small and Micro Businesses,” with the underlying assets covering the manufacturing industry sector of real economy, to actively promote the high-quality development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.


Issued the first sustainability-linked bond that is linked to two indexes in the market, to thoroughly implement sustainable development and promote explorations and practices in the leasing business of green development and micro and small enterprises.


Facing the future, the Company will keep innovating and enriching financial instruments, scrupulously abide by the corporate philosophy based on “creating shared value and promoting harmonious development,” and further reinforce financial services in aspects including scientific and technological innovation, green transformation, inclusive finance for micro and small enterprises and digital economy; meanwhile, taking the “Gold Spring Award” as an opportunity, it will keep the funds flowing like a spring and use financial leasing as a tool to closely link up financial resources and business enterprises, offer accurate and efficient financial support, and contribute its strength to the high-quality development of the economic society.