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Fehorizon and the Government of Changsha Held Exchanges on Cooperation
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Recently, Fehorizon and the government of Changsha City held multiple talks and meetings. On April 10, the Party and government delegation of Hunan Province went to Shanghai for inspection, and Mr. Wu Guiying (member of the standing committee of the Party committee of Hunan Province and Secretary of the Party committee of Changsha City) talked to some enterprises. Fehorizon attended the meeting upon invitation, and the Company’s Executive Director and Senior Vice President Mr. Cao Jian spoke to Mr. Wu Guiying. Based on the good foundation of cooperation between Fehorizon and Changsha as well as the basic advantages and resource capability of Fehorizon as a marketized, internationalized and specialized enterprise, both parties looked ahead to the future of their cooperation to serve the high-quality development of Changsha’s economy, and further consolidated the foundation for their extensive and in-depth cooperation.


On April 8, member of the standing committee of the Party committee and Executive Deputy Mayor of Changsha Mr. Peng Huasong and his party visited FEHORIZON Plaza in Shanghai, and talked to Senior Vice President Mr. Cao Jian about serving regional economic development, promoting cooperation in multiple fields and implementing investment in the healthcare industry.


Executive Deputy Mayor Peng Huasong introduced the socio-economic development situation of Changsha. Listed among the first batch of “historical and cultural cities of the state,” Changsha’s name and site have remained unchanged for three thousand years, along with its unique landscape of mountains, rivers and isles. Currently, the city is striving to promote the construction of “three highlands” (i.e., the highland of China’s important and advanced manufacturing industries, the highland of technological innovation with core competitiveness, and the highland of inland reform and opening up), which coincides with Fehorizon’s concept and advantages of “serving urban upgrade and serving industrial upgrade.” It is hoped that Fehorizon can keep up its efforts in Changsha, and that both parties can further reinforce mutual trust and cooperation and realize a win-win outcome.


Senior Vice President Mr. Cao Jian expressed welcome to the party of Executive Deputy Mayor Peng Huasong, and talked about the development situation of Fehorizon. As a Hong Kong-invested enterprise, Fehorizon adheres to the “finance + industry” business mode, gives play to its advantages of “marketization, internationalization and specialization” and focus on the basic industries of national economy and the people’s livelihood to better serve urban upgrade and industrial upgrade. Changsha is China’s highland for the manufacturing industry, and the cooperation between Changsha and Fehorizon has a long history and a solid foundation. Hope that the two parties can further complement each other with their respective advantages and expand the space for cooperation.


Later, General Manager Mao Tianxiang of Public Utilities Department II, etc. introduced the Company’s business cooperation situation in Changsha City and Hunan Province to the attending guests, and highlighted its business cooperation achievements in directions including public utilities, industrial financial services, investment attraction and implementation, etc. CFO of HCHORIZON Mr. Wan You talked about the development situation of HCHORIZON in areas such as medicine, healthcare, and medical & old-age care services as well as cooperation opportunities during the process of capitalization.


During the discussion, both parties conducted in-depth exchanges in aspects including deepening cooperation, issuance of offshore bonds, equity investment, revitalization of urban assets, and investment in the healthcare industry, and indicated that there is adequate room for future cooperation.


Others present at the discussion are: personnel from relevant departments, including Wu Defeng (Deputy Secretary-General of the municipal Party committee of Changsha), Yang Jun (Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee), Jiang Hongbo (Secretary of the Party group and Director of the municipal Development and Reform Commission), Zheng Ping (Secretary of the Party group and Director of the municipal Bureau of Commerce), Qiu Bingdong (Secretary of the Party group and Director of the Finance Office of the municipal government), Wu Zhaoshu (member of the Party working committee and Deputy Director of the management committee of Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone), Huang Jidong (Director of the government’s Liaison Office in Shanghai), and Li Zheng (Deputy Director-General of the Economic Development Bureau of Xiangjiang New Area, Hunan); relevant personnel from Fehorizon, including Xu Hao (Assistant General Manager of the Overseas Business Department), Wu Weiqing (Senior Director of the Asset Center), Cui Jia (Senior Director of Business Development in Central China), and responsible personnel from business departments such as Public Utilities Department and Fehorizon AMC.