Origin of 'Sword Casting'

What happened to the financial leasing industry, where there were no talented people but now there is a galaxy of talents? Financial leasing business has high requirements for personnel’s working ability and awareness, making it difficult, expensive and time-consuming to train personnel. In early 2000, there was a shortage of talents in China’s financial leasing industry. There was neither a professional school for personnel training nor a standard market talent model. As a model-driven enterprise, Far East Horizon always regards manpower as its first resource. In order to solve the problem of talent shortage, Far East Horizon launched the 'Sword Casting Action' for fresh graduate recruitment in 2005 to independently cultivate leasing talents and help fresh graduates  achieve a perfect turn from students to 'leaseholders'.

The Past of 'Sword Casting'

After being passed down for fifteen years, the 'Sword Casting Action', characterized by 'externalization in action, solidification in system, and internalization in heart', has become a classic talent development training program at Far East Horizon. It is also an important reserve talent training mechanism. At present, Far East Horizon has more than 70 managers who were once 'Sword Casting Students'. They shoulder the heavy responsibility of further developing the company. There are many other talents who were once 'Sword Casting Students' that have become leaders in various branches of the leasing industry. The 'Sword Casting Action' has cultivated more than 2,000 outstanding talents for Far East Horizon and the entire leasing industry. Accordingly, Far East Horizon is honored as the 'Whampoa Military Academy'of the financial leasing industry.

The Present of 'Sword Casting'

  • Shaping Your Career
  • Consolidating Professional Knowledge
  • Cultural integration

Develop customized courses

The training content of the ‘Sword Casting Action’ includes not only courses in the professional knowledge of whole operation processes (such as financial products, risk management, business execution, financial analysis, project management, customer marketing, etc.), but also courses in cultural integration and career building (such as corporate strategy, corporate history and culture, business etiquette, professional accomplishment, etc.). In addition to theoretical knowledge, there are also sand table courses that are highly suitable for real work scenarios. There are a variety of custom work scenarios in which ‘Sword Casting Students’ can practice fulfilling future work tasks so that they can calmly and confidently go on to real jobs.

  • 1、Know the Enterprise
    01. Corporate Strategy
    02. Corporate History and Culture
    03. Passing the Torch
    04. President’s Forum
  • 2、Shaping Your Career
    01. The Power of Rules
    02. Introduction to Rules and Regulations
    03. Work Process Management
    04. Excellent Professional Quality
  • 3、Consolidating Professional Knowledge
    01. Financial affairs knowledge
    02. Legal knowledge
    03. Quality control knowledge
    04. Implementation knowledge
    05. Asset knowledge
    06. Financial knowledge
  • 4、Sand table simulation
    01. Project operations
    02. Customer marketing
    03. Industry flipped classroom

Multiple training forms

face-to-face online expand guide The test Sand table
  • Systemized in-person teaching of professional courses: improve the knowledge base to lay a solid foundation for employment.
  • Business sand table practice: simulate real scenarios to help the trainees to adapt to their jobs more quickly.
  • Exchange of ideas among previous trainees: Senior trainees offer assistance to pass on Far East Horizon’s Sword Casting culture.
  • Outdoor development + Far East Sports meeting: stimulate individual potential and analyze teamwork spirit.
  • Trekking exercise at graduation: 10km distance, during which we review the development history of Far East Horizon and pass on its culture.

The Future of 'Sword Casting'

As the 'Whampoa Military Academy' of the financial leasing industry, Far East Horizon cultivates not only business personnel, but also social elites with the correct behaviors and values. In the 'Sword Casting Training Camp', every trainee inherits the spirit of Far East Horizon—the determination to pursue the truth, the rigorous and pragmatic work style, the idea of promoting innovation, the courage to face difficulties and dangers, the indomitable will, the mindset of responsibility to the world, and the resolution to be a pioneer. This is the soul of Far East Horizon, and the cornerstone that has supported the staff of Far East Horizon in overcoming all obstacles and enduring hardships to make it to today.

The hearts are cast into a sword, which points to the future. The 'Sword Casting Action', which will be passed on forever, is committed to training more aspiring, faithful and dedicated fighters, and educating more people who identify with the Far East Horizon culture spirit.