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[Monthly News] June Update: Fehorizon Entered the Forbes Global 2000 List for the 8th Consecutive Year; Fehorizon Held a Public Welfare Event in Hong Kong to Celebrate the Anniversary of Hong Kong’s Return
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01. Fehorizon Entered the Forbes Global 2000 List for the 8th Consecutive Year

Recently, the Forbes 2024 Global 2000 List was released, and Fehorizon (03360.HK) entered the list for the 8th consecutive year, ranking 1340th worldwide, which fully demonstrates the Company’s excellent performance in the international arena and continuously growing corporate strength. The Forbs Global 2000 list ranks the largest companies worldwide by sales, profits, assets and market value, with equal weight put on each variable. Due to its strict evaluation criteria and comprehensive evaluation system, the Forbs list has become an important indicator of comprehensive corporate strength worldwide. Being included in the list of the world’s 2000 largest listed companies for eight years consecutively not only affirms Fehorizon’s performance over the past year, but also indicates recognition of the Company’s long-term development strategy and market standing.


02. Fehorizon’s “Love in the Neighborhood—Lucky Bags Giving” Event Held in Hong Kong


On June 22, Fehorizon celebrated the 27th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland with the “Love in the Neighborhood—Lucky Bags Giving” event in Hong Kong. Over four hundred caring people from various circles of Hong Kong and neighborhood folks gathered together, and the event was also attended by Fehorizon’s Executive Director and Senior Vice President Mr. Cao Jian and Vice President Mr. Wang Ruisheng, with a speech delivered by Mr. Cao Jian at the site. Since the Company’s donation to subsidize cataract surgeries for the elderly in March, this is the second time this year that Fehorizon offers precise help to the people in a neighborhood in Hong Kong, which fully demonstrates its love for families and the country as well as its unswerving commitment to the people. 

During the event, Fehorizon gave out a total of 900 lucky bags filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, all of which come from Gao Ze Xiang Yuan—the exclusive farm of Fehorizon. Located at Chongming Island, Shanghai, Gao Ze Xiang Yuan is the only enterprise in Shanghai with qualifications for planting, producing and processing vegetables and fruits for Hong Kong and Macao.

03. Multiple Government Delegations of Shandong Province Visited Fehorizon for Exchanges

Lately, the 2024 Hong Kong-Macao-Shandong Week hosted by the Provincial People’s Government of Shandong and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council was held in Hong Kong and Macao. During the event, delegations from the municipal governments of Jinan, Qingdao, Linyi and some governments at district or county level visited the Hong Kong headquarters of Fehorizon. Fehorizon’s Vice President Mr. Zhan Jing respectively met with leaders including Zhang Baoliang (Mayor of Linyi), Wang Bo (member of the standing committee of the municipal Party committee and Deputy Mayor of Qingdao), and Yang Li (Deputy Mayor of Jinan). He pointed out that Fehorizon highly values its cooperation with Shandong Province; over the years, it has offered integrated financial services for the development of various enterprises and the urban upgrade of Shandong, with many cases of successful cooperation yielded. In the future, Fehorizon will give full play to the advantages of its integrated domestic and overseas resources, and join in the high-quality development of Shandong while contributing to the construction of Shandong into a great modern province.

04. Fehorizon Paid Return Visits to Multiple Local Governments of Henan Province

Recently, Fehorizon’s Vice President Mr. Zhan Jing, along with relevant personnel from multiple apartments, went to Zhengzhou, Luohe, Zhumadian, Luoyang and Sanmenxia on a return visit to the event “Spring Tea for Entrepreneurs of Henan and Hong Kong”. Together, they visited major leaders of the local government, and had in-depth exchanges regarding further deepening their partnership and together seeking high-quality development. Mr. Zhan Jing introduced the overall situation of Fehorizon to the leaders of the above-mentioned five cities, and elaborated on the history of its cooperation with Henan Province. The local departments made demands for cooperation surrounding the status quo of city development, the future planning and the pain spots and difficulties that need to be solved urgently, and hoped that through this exchange, the two parties can achieve resource sharing at a deeper level, reinforce complementary advantages in wider fields, and join hands to write a brand-new chapter of government-enterprise cooperation and win-win development.

05. Fehorizon Helped Certain Enterprise of Zhoushan, Zhejiang to Complete Issuance of Offshore Bonds

Recently, Fehorizon participated in and contributed to the successful issuance of the offshore bonds of certain enterprise of Zhoushan, Zhejiang as joint lead manager and joint bookrunner. Meanwhile, through active efforts in advancing external trust and incremental funds of leasing, it has succeeded in facilitating the signing of a credit contract between the enterprise and an external investor, and realized the implementation of the enterprise’s on-balance-sheet leasing business, quasi-investment banking business and offshores bonds business, which further deepens Fehorizon’s business cooperation with enterprises and demonstrates its integrated service capability.

06. Grand Flight Entered the 36KR List of “Top 100 Venture Capital Institutions of China’s Equity Investment Industry in 2024”

Recently, 36KR released its 2024 list of China’s equity investment institutions. Due to its excellent investment performance over the past year, Grand Flight entered the list of “Top 100 Venture Capital Institutions of China’s Equity Investment Industry in 2024.” Combining the two major lists of “institutional investors most popular among entrepreneurs” and “institutional investors most recognized by LP,” this annual list is based on data on the four dimensions of fundraising, investment, management and exit, with full consideration given to the general performance of selected institutions on sub-dimensions including management scale & industry influence, recent investment activities, star projects, number of projects receiving new funds subsequently and the rate of return upon exit.

In June, we advanced steadily and flourished by the day; in July, Fehorizon shall keep pursuing the vision of " striving towards excellence".