Corporate Culture

Office Culture


Built in 2018, FEHORIZON Plaza, the FEHORIZON operation center, is located in the first row of the riverside area in Houtan on the east bank of the Huangpu River. Together with many World Expo buildings, it forms a novel urban landscape along the Huangpu River. By giving full play to the collaborative advantage of ‘Finance + Industry’ and mobilizing resources and capabilities both inside and outside its system, the FEHORIZON people built a home for themselves. Integrating the essence of Chinese traditional culture, the plaza embodies the national sentiment and cultural confidence of FEHORIZON: With our roots deep in it, we pay tribute to Chinese culture and commit ourselves to its inheritance and promotion.

The plaza is an enduring landmark for Pujiang and Shanghai left by FEHORIZON. It will stand through the vicissitudes of times to witness the development of Shanghai and even the whole nation for the next century.

FEHORIZON shoulders the mission of promoting industry development with the confidence of embracing diversity. We adhere to the belief in the steady and elegant ‘Golden Mean’. Accordingly, the FEHORIZON Building is bound to shine with the beauty of righteousness, harmony, practicality and exquisiteness. It is clearly characterized by the essence of Chinese style. In terms of appearance, the traditional practice of piling up Chinese elements is abandoned. The upright and square shape, together with the transparent nine grids successfully conveys the Chinese charm emanating greatness through simplicity. The Chinese style is also presented in multi-dimensions through fine decoration and soft furnishing. The whole building is like an exhibition of the essence of traditional Chinese culture, with every nook and cranny beaming in light and sweetness. The FEHORIZON spirit of “precision, perfection, preeminence, personality” underlies all design details of the building. With its exquisite design and high standard of construction, FEHORIZON Plaza won the National Quality Project Award, an authoritative award that represents the highest honor in China’s construction industry.

World in heart
The Atrium
Harmony between heaven and men
Goldfish pond: Goldfish swaying in lucid water
Curtain wall: Beholding a spectacular view of the sky
Glimpse of the lobby
Reception: Jade-like arch bridges welcoming the guests
Goldfish pond: Goldfish swaying in lucid water
Glimpse of the lobby
Reception: Jade-like arch bridges welcoming the guests
Glimpse of the lobby
Glimpse of the lobby
Woodcarving of the poem: “SPRING IN A PLEASURE GARDEN- Snow”
Woodcarving: “The sun rising in the east”
Curtain wall: Beholding a spectacular view of the sky
Columns: Flickering light cast on the relief
Night view in the atrium
Time elapsing
Harmony between heaven and men
Business reception area
Reception·Humbly welcoming the world
The twelve bronze animal heads · Never-ending Time
Business conference room- Tang
Business conference room- Ming
Business conference room- Yuan
Business conference room- Song
Business conference room- Qing
Business conference room- Han
Business conference room- Weijin
Business conference room- Qin
Business conference room- Warring States
Business conference room- Spring and Autumn
Business conversation room- Spring
Business conversation room-Summer
Business conversation room-Autumn
Business conversation room-Winter
Business reception area- Mini scene of dry landscape
Reception area for each floor
Waiting area for each floor
Corporate culture exhibition wall
Public recreation area
Public recreation area
Conference room (large)
Conference room (small)
Nursing room
Office aisle
Office aisle
Administration waiting area
Administration reception area
Administration office aisle
Administration conference room
Conference room area
Manager’s office
Public recreation area
Public recreation area
Public recreation area
Cultural ornaments
Cultural ornaments
Cultural furnishing
Printing room
Ornaments of staff
Office cubicles
Office cubicles

Chinese Classical Gardening Culture

FEHORIZON is committed to developing a new concept of garden-style office and building an elegant garden-like environment for the employees. The office-garden idea has been infused into the FEHORIZON system and become an integral part of the corporate culture. There are more than one hundred kinds of flowers and trees blooming throughout the year on the FEHORIZON Plaza. Theme landscapes in accordance with the four seasons are displayed at each of the four corners of the plaza, which thrive in an endless succession along with the seasonal changes. The design has won the Shanghai Magnolia Award for Construction and the Shanghai Garden Cup Gold Award for Quality Engineering. There are 18 major scenes on the FEHORIZON Plaza, all well-spaced, with main bodies distinct from details. Instead of being blurred from the whole picture, the details actually offer a glimpse into the greater scene. Within each of the 18 major scenes, there are still smaller ones, echoing the verse of 'a world in a flower, a universe in a tree'.

  • Taller building, grander prospect
  • Crape Myrtle Garden
  • Apricot Tree Garden
  • Pine Garden
  • Trees in Spring Breeze
  • Cloud-like Rosy Blossoms
  • Auspicious Buddhist Pines
  • Splendid Square of Fortune
  • Secluded Pond of Zen
  • Plum Pavilion with Waterfall
  • Evergreen Corridor
  • Screen Wall
  • Lovely Flower Lane
  • Maple Shadowed Lane
  • Trail towards Tranquility
  • All Waters Flowing to the Sea
  • Purple Flower Sea
  • Atrium Garden

Food Culture

FEHORIZON Catering is also part of the FEHORIZON office culture. A dining space has been crafted for the employees to improve their life quality, with the catering culture integrated into the environment.
Dining environment:The design of the dining hall integrates ancient Chinese architectural elements including the pavilion, the corridor, the eaves, the brick carving, and copper ornaments. They add antique beauty to the building, making it elegant and solemn. The window of the dining hall opens to a scene known as 'Plum Pavilion with Waterfall', which offers the diners a view of the delicate pavilion accompanied by a gurgling waterfall, making the dining an enjoyable process. The dining hall scenery gives one the allusion of being among mountains and waters.
Green food:Vegetables come from the 'Gaozexiang Garden', a farm owned by FEHORIZON, are delivered fresh by a special truck the day after being picked and inspected under strict standards. Besides, there is fresh seafood coming from Zhoushan, Zhejiang. All the garnishes are made of purely natural materials without any artificial flavoring.
Wide variety of dishes:About 30 types of dishes, including Sichuan cuisine, Shanghai cuisine, Northeastern China cuisine, Xinjiang cuisine and other famous ones, are served to cater to different tastes and needs. Takeaway service is also available for the employees.

Classic staff canteen
Canteen design integrating traditional Chinese construction elements
Delicacies served in exquisite plates, enjoyed with great views
Diverse food for your selection
Selected cuisines
Help yourselves to the dishes
Selected Dishes
Enjoy the scene and the food to the heart’s content
Feast your eyes on picturesque scenes while eating at the dining table
Staff eating in the restaurant
”Special supply of green food from the company-owned 'Gaozexiang Garden'
Cuisines from all over the country
Ancient Chinese architectural style
The Master Chef’s courses
Classic staff canteen
Vintage staff canteen
Vintage staff canteen
Vintage staff canteen
Seclective noodles,Have it all
Choose what you want
Green food ingredients
Food Festival
Food festival
Food festival
Food festival
Top standard seasoning
Perfect view from the dining hall
Jingxiangyuan dining hall for VIP
Jingxiangyuan dining hall for VIP