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Fehorizon Received the ESG China Award “Net-Zero Leadership Award—Finalist” Awarded by the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai
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On October 26, due to its outstanding performance in low-carbon strategy and practice, Fehorizon received the ESG China Award “Net-Zero Leadership Award—Finalist” initiated by the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai. The “Net-Zero Leadership Award” symbols special commendation for enterprises or institutions in China that demonstrate excellent leadership in the transition towards zero- or low-carbon economy. This honor affirms Fehorizon’s long-term efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainable development through decarbonization, innovation and leadership.

▲ Fehorizon Won the ESG China Award “Net-Zero Leadership Award—Finalist”

ESG China Awards

Initiated by the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai and co-sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, the Australian Chamber of Commerce Shanghai and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, the ESG China Awards are for Chinese native enterprises and multinational companies operating in China, and aimed at commending enterprises, institutions and individuals with remarkable achievements in the environment, society and governance area, whether through reducing environmental footprints and promoting diversity and inclusiveness, or implementing strong governance measures. The attention paid to these companies is conducive to stimulating others to follow suit, thus driving active changes in various industries and the entire world.

Dr. Lv Jianzhong, Chairman of the ESG China Awards and Board Director of the Global Report Initiative, indicated at this award ceremony that the enthusiasm of participants of this year’s selection is running high—the number of applications has increased sharply, and a total of 150 applications under 10 award categories have been received from 23 cities and regions in China, covering various industries. “Participant enterprises are continuing to promote transformation in great depth and forming a brand-new development mode, so that enterprises can grow together with their respective ecosphere and collaborating to accelerate the realization of the sustainable development goal”. 

▲ Speech by Dr. Lv Jianzhong, Chairman of the ESG China Awards and Board Director of the Global Report Initiative

The efforts and actions by Fehorizon in the transition towards zero- or low-carbon economy have fully demonstrated its unswerving commitment to implementing the ESG ideas and determination to fulfil its promise to practice sustainable development. By the end of 2022, Fehorizon’s Board of Directors passed the Group’s net-zero emission goal—striving to realize whole-value-chain net-zero emission by 2050. The overall strategy of Fehorizon accords with the goal of limiting global temperature rises to no more than 2℃ in the Paris Agreement. In 2023, the Company has developed the Comprehensive Action Plan of Fehorizon for Carbon Neutrality 2023-2025, which clarifies its priorities in the next three years in directions including planning its climate strategy, perfecting the analysis of the impact of climate risks and opportunities on finance, promising to have the Science Based Targets (SBT) certified, implementing internal emission reduction, developing clean energy, investing in green finance, and planning its climate investment and financing strategy. 

Creating shared value and promoting harmonious development. In the future, Fehorizon will continue to enhance its belief and sense of participation in ESG and sustainable development, and take it as its mission to integrate the idea of sustainable development into business thinking, business strategy and business operation in great depth and combine it with major issues of China’s economic and social environment. In aspects including corporate governance, promotion of low carbon, environmental protection, diversified development and inclusive growth, it will achieve whole-value-chain net-zero emission through constant innovation of business model, to contribute to the smooth realization of China’s “carbon neutrality” goal and the goal in the Paris Agreement, and continuously and effectively create value for various parties of the society.