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[Monthly News] December Update on Far East Horizon—New Future of Finance + Industry
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1.Far East Horizon Released Its “Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality” Goal

Striving to Realize Whole-Value-Chain Carbon Neutrality by 2050


On December 14, in response to the Paris Agreement and Hong Kong’s “carbon neutrality” goal, Far East Horizon’s Board of Directors examined and passed a bill named “Company Carbon Goal Planning” as the Company strives to achieve carbon peaking by 2025 and realize whole-value-chain carbon neutrality by 2050. Through methods including vigorously promoting green and sustainable financial business, the Company will promote carbon reduction at operation and value chain levels, meanwhile pushing on carbon reduction in operation via equipment transformation and upgrading, green power purchase or development, carbon sink and low-carbon asset purchase, etc. In addition, Far East Horizon will carry on research on refining the low carbon transformation action plan to accumulate strategic reserve for implementing its “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” goal.

Earlier, Far East Horizon received the “Green Product Excellence Award” for its “green development project supported by green finance” at the 2022 Social Value Co-creation Forum and the Seventh Award Ceremony for Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Practicing in China. This is yet another award for corporate social responsibility won by Far East Horizon after “Anti-epidemic Contribution Award” and “ESG Governance Demonstration Award,” which demonstrates the recognition of its ESG work by authoritative organizations and all sectors of the society.



2.Signing Ceremony Held for the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Far East Horizon and Shanghai Civil Engineering Co., Ltd of CREC

On December 6, a signing ceremony was held for the strategic cooperation agreement between Far East Horizon and Shanghai Civil Engineering Co., Ltd of CREC. The ceremony was attended by President Assistant of Far East Horizon Ma Hong and Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Chief Accountant of Shanghai Civil Engineering Co., Ltd of CREC Wei Chengfu. After this, the two parties will give play to their respective professional advantages and resource advantages and reinforce in-depth exchanges in aspects including cooperation mode and resource allocation, so as to promote co-development and realize mutual benefits and a win-win result.

3.International Far Eastern Leasing Co., Ltd. Completed Its First Sustainability-linked Syndicated Loan



On December 22, 2022, the International Far Eastern Leasing Co., Ltd. under Far East Horizon successfully completed the Company’s first sustainability-linked syndicated loan (“syndicated loan”), which is jointly issued by 9 foreign banks with a signing scale of RMB 1.33 billion and a term of 3 years. The successful issuance of this sustainability-linked syndicated loan is yet another breakthrough achieved by the Company in this field following green asset-backed securities, sustainable development bonds and green club loan.



4.Fehorizon Inclusive Won the Title of “Most Influential Financial Leasing Company”

On December 16, the Ninth Global Leasing Industry Competitiveness Forum Summit was held, and the 2022 list of winners of “Takeoff Award” series was released at the summit. Due to its conspicuous achievements in promoting the development of real economy and financial innovation over the past year, Far East Horizon Inclusive Financial Leasing (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was presented with the China “Takeoff Award” for Financial Leasing—the title of “Most Influential Financial Leasing Company.” Fehorizon Inclusive will continue to strengthen its support for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and contribute its wisdom and strength to the development of real economy. 

5.Fehorizon Inclusive Issued Its First ABS Successfully


Recently, Fehorizon Inclusive’s first ABS “Inclusive Series—2022 Far East Phase I Asset-backed Special Plan for Micro and Small Enterprises (Strategic Emerging Industries)” was successfully issued in the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The securities have a total size of 1.004 billion yuan and nearly a thousand underlying assets in the pool, with lessees in various strategic emerging industries or the upstream and downstream industrial chains. This special plan thoroughly implements national policies and guides social funds to promote the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and new industries. The issuance of its first ABS is a successful attempt of Fe horizon Inclusive towards the capital market, and has laid a good foundation for opening up financing channels in the capital market.

6.Grand Flight Awarded as “Top 100 Chinese 100 VC Firms for 2022” by Zero2IPO Research

On December 23, Zero2IPO Research Center announced the China Venture Capital & Private Equity Annual Ranking 2022, and Grand Flight was awarded as one of the “Top 100 Chinese 100 VC Firms for 2022.” Zero2IPO Research Center is a professional venture capital & private equity research institute in China. Since 2001, it has published the China Venture Capital & Private Equity Annual Ranking for 22 years consecutively. Adhering to scientific and rigorous research methods and fair and just ranking, it aims to provide a good evaluation and reference system for China’s venture capital & private equity industry.



7.Signing Ceremony Held for the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Horizon Construction Development and Zhejiang Dingli

On December 5, a signing ceremony was held for the strategic cooperation agreement between Horizon Construction Development and Zhejiang Dingli. The agreement was signed by General Manager Pan Yang of Horizon Construction Development and Board Chairman Xu Shugen of Zhejiang Dingli on behalf of the two parties. This strategic signing marks a comprehensive upgrade of their strategic cooperation relationship. Horizon Construction Development and Zhejiang Dingli have been cooperation partners since 2018. For more than five years, the two parties have maintained a high level of mutual trust with cooperation conducted in an extensive range of fields. In the future, based on a good cooperation history, Horizon Construction Development and Zhejiang Dingli will continue to strengthen their cooperation in areas such as application and exchange of new products and new technologies, development of new leasing scenarios, exploration of overseas market and information sharing, so as to improve the depth and breadth of cooperation and together build a better future for China’s equipment operation industry.



8.Horizon Healthcare Shared Its Digital Construction Cases at the 2022 Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit


Not long ago, the 2022 Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit was held in Shenzhen. As a specially invited partner of medical ecosystem, Horizon Healthcare appeared at the smart healthcare section, and shared cases of its practice in “promoting healthcare with technology and empowering management with data” with numerous industry insiders. On the basis of its innovative management mode of “one system, one network and one hospital,” Horizon Healthcare remains devoted to constructing a digital and smart new business form of healthcare. Since the signing of a framework agreement for strategic cooperation with Tencent Cloud in 2021, Horizon Healthcare has been insisting on creating a smart hospital ecosystem with its self-developed business system as the core, while some of the functions have already been applied in iconic hospitals; meanwhile, by constructing a data middlegound, it strives to establish a standardized management system and empower member hospitals in conducting business, to accelerate the improvement of medical service level at the county level. 


In 2022 we have stridden across a new cycle and begun a new journey; in 2023 we shall keep advancing towards the goal of excellence.