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[Monthly News] May Update: Municipal and District Government Leaders of Jinan Visited Fehorizon; Fehorizon International Helped Three State-Owned Enterprises of Hubei to Complete Offshore Bond Transaction
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01. Chairman Lei Jie of the CPPCC Jinan Municipal Committee Visited Fehorizon

On May 16, Chairman Lei Jie of the Jinan Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Deputy Mayor Li Guoxiang of Jinan, et al. visited the FEHORIZON Plaza in Shanghai, and talked with Fehorizon’s Vice President Zhan Jing about comprehensive strategic cooperation and matters including maximizing their respective advantages, promoting regional economic development and implementing investment in the healthcare industry. Mr. Zhan pointed out that Fehorizon highly values its cooperation with Jinan, and it was hoped that through this exchange, Fehorizon and Jinan can establish an all-round, in-depth and multi-dimensional partnership, go hand in hand to seek common development, and open a new chapter of their cooperation.

On June 9, Secretary Yang Chuanjun of the Party committee of Lixia District, Jinan visited Fehorizon, and ideas were exchanged regarding complementing each other with their respective resources and advantages, exploring new fields of cooperation and serving regional economy.


02. Fehorizon Helped Three Local State-Owned Enterprises of Hubei Province to Complete Offshore Bond Transaction


Recently, with an accurate grasp of the active business opportunities in trading on the offshore bond market and extensive integration of quality capital and resources at home and abroad, Fehorizon International helped Hubei Yidu State-Owned Capital to issue 680 million yuan of three-year offshore bonds—Hubei’s first AAA-rated secured dim sum bonds for city construction investment at district and municipal level, and completed two secondary resales of offshore bonds totaling 275 million yuan for municipal state-owned enterprises in Hubei. As always, Fehorizon remains devoted to attracting investment to quality enterprises of Hubei Province and even the entire country and serving urban upgrade.

03. Grand Flight Won CV 2023 “China’s Top 50 Direct Corporate Investment”


Recently, the 18th China Venture Investment Conference Annual Summit co-hosted by CVINFO and CVCAPITAL came to an end, and the CV 2023 List was grandly revealed. Due to its outstanding investment performance over the past year, Grand Flight was awarded the prize of CV 2023 “China’s Top 50 Direct Corporate Investment.” Referred to as the weathercock of China’s private equity market, the CV List has been issued for 18 times consecutively. Its selection is based on overall ranking through standard processing of data provided by CVSource and questionnaires collected by over a thousand active institutional investors in the field of private equity.


04. Grand Flight Led the Hundred Million Yuan Series B Funding of TERJIN—Leading Enterprise of Drone Monitoring System


Recently, TERJIN (corporate champion of low-altitude economy and leading enterprise of drone monitoring system) raised over a hundred million yuan in Series B funding, with Grand Flight as the lead investor. Low-altitude economy is one of China’s strategic emerging industries and represents new-quality productivity. Relying on emerging technologies including drones and the low-altitude intelligent network, with low-altitude flight activities as the core, it makes full use of low-altitude airspace resources, extends application to various industries and diversified scenarios, drives the development of fields including low-altitude infrastructure, low-altitude aircraft manufacturing, low-altitude operation services and low-altitude flight support, and results in a comprehensive form of economy. The past years have witnessed the rapid development of low-altitude economy. According to estimation, the size of China’s low-altitude economy exceeded 500 billion yuan last year, and it is likely to reach 2 trillion yuan by 2030.


05. Grand Flight-Invested Enterprise SMARTLOGIC TECHNOLOGY Reported by CCTV News


Recently, the key projects of Hubei Province went into operation all at once, including the SMARTLOGIC TECHNOLOGY computility industry project of Xiaogan with a total investment of 11.2 billion yuan. According to plan, investment will be made to construct a computility center in Xiaogan to produce the new generation of made-in-China chips. Once the project is completed and reaches the design capacity, its annual output value is estimated to exceed 30 billion yuan, which will contribute to the construction of a national computility and big data innovative development core area in Hubei. As one of the earliest investors of SMARTLOGIC TECHNOLOGY, Grand Flight was involved in its early financing by taking part in multiple funding rounds and various funds in 2018, 2020 and 2021 consecutively, and witnessed the process from tapeout to industrialized production of chips.

06. HCHORIZON Conducted In-depth Exchanges with the Center of Gallblaer Diseases of Shanghai East Hospital

Recently, Vice President of Fehorizon and General Manager of HCHORIZON Mr. Li Jiancheng, along with backbone representatives of the General Surgery Department and the Gastrointestinal and Hepatological Surgery Department of member hospitals and responsible personnel of the Healthcare Department of HCHORIZON, paid a field trip to the Center of Gallbladder Diseases of Shanghai East Hospital, and conducted exchanges with Professor Hu Hai—leading figure of China’s basic and clinical researches on minimally invasive gallbladder-preserving surgery and academic leader of the Center of Gallbladder Diseases. The Center of Gallbladder Diseases of Shanghai East Hospital is a leading specialized center of gallbladder diseases among China’s Grade A Class 3 hospitals. The team of Prof. Hu Hai and HCHORIZON revealed the technological innovation process of the world’s first “super micro-invasive hidden-scar non-pneumoperitoneum gallbladder-preserving lithotomy” and shared the development experience of the Center of Gallbladder Diseases from aspects including the craftmanship spirit of doctors, the training of a professional team, the construction of a disciplinary brand, and in-depth services for patients.


In May, we forged ahead with unity and determination for high-quality development; in June, Fehorizon shall keep slashing through the waves on the journey towards excellence.