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Making Significant Efforts in Five Great Articles on Finance—CDHORIZON Entered the List of Unicorns and Guiding Industry Development with Technology
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Recently, the Release Conference of the “2024 List of Key Listed Unicorn Companies of Shanghai” & High-quality Development Industry Matchmaking Conference was held in Shanghai. At the conference, CDHORIZON—Fehorizon’s integrated equipment operation service provider—entered the “2024 List of Key Listed Unicorn Companies of Shanghai” on account of its excellent long-term operating performance and its established status as the industry benchmark.

The unicorns on this list were selected from 180 companies with an estimated total of over 1.2 trillion yuan based on a set of selection standards with Shanghai characteristics developed by the Shanghai Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development Service Center jointly with various political and business entities under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization. Most of the selected unicorns have a disruptive business mode and cutting-edge R&D technology—they represent the direction of economic restructuring and upgrading, and will offer strong impetus and support for developing new-quality productivity and promoting high-quality development.

As an important part of Fehorizon’s industrial layout, CDHORIZON has been making long-term and intensive efforts in the field of integrated equipment operation, and driving industry upgrade and revolution with refined management and high-quality growth realized through digital and technological means. Being awarded the “unicorn” title not only represents recognition of CDHORIZON’s industry-leading comprehensive strength and service level by the government and industry leaders, but also shows full appreciation of its continuously enhanced capacity for scientific and technological innovation, rapidly growing business scale and vast market potentials.

Since its establishment in 2011, CDHORIZON has grown into the largest integrated equipment operation service provider with the greatest comprehensive strength in China, ranking 14th in the IRN100 list. With 494 outlets on its domestic and overseas networks, it has provided services to more than 230,000 clients cumulatively. In the era of digital economy, the Company keeps pace with the times by promoting the deep integration of digital economy and business and empowering business development comprehensively. In business areas including leasing, engineering and sales, CDHORIZON has constructed digital system covering all scenarios. In particular, its intelligent dispatching system coordinates the orderly collaboration among personnel, goods and vehicles as a whole; combined with platform-based logistics management, it has increased the automation rate of dispatching to 85%, reduced the average radius of equipment delivery to within 36km, and greatly improved the quality and efficiency of services.

With a service network of nationwide coverage, up to now CDHORIZON has realized quick response to leasing demand in 4 hours and on-site repair services in 1.5 hours, so as to satisfy client needs to the greatest extent. In addition to boosting development with technology, the Company insists on independent innovation, increases investment in R&D, and makes continuous technological breakthroughs. Having achieved strategic cooperation with numerous first-tier equipment manufacturers, renowned colleges and universities and research institutes at home and abroad, it owns over a hundred patents and software copyrights, while two of its subsidiaries have been elected as “National High-Tech Enterprise” in succession. In fields including scaffolding and shoring, it has succeeded in the BOE 6th-generation semiconductor display device production line project (customized scaffolding solution to overcome difficulties including large span, great height and extreme danger) and the Lion Ocean Passage project—the new super river-crossing passage of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with complicated geological conditions (hardcore engineering support with technical expertise, such as design innovation with disruptive technology and high-precision implementation of cofferdam closure and special-shaped multi-node steel support installation). While providing clients with professional engineering technology solutions, CDHORIZON continues to consolidate its status as the industry leader with a well-developed service system, guides the development of the industry, and serves urban upgrade continuously. 

Finance plus industry; brighter future with technology. Looking ahead, CDHORIZON will adhere to the idea of “joining hand with partners around the globe to construct a better future,” strive to provide products and services of even better quality, continue to give play to its role as the industry leader, promote technological innovation, management innovation and mode innovation in the equipment leasing industry, create value for its clients and partners, and guide the high-quality development of the industry.