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Fehorizon Paid Return Visits to Multiple Local Governments of Henan Province
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Recently, Vice President of Fehorizon Mr. Zhan Jing along with relevant personnel from apartments including Public Utilities, Electronic Information, People’s Livelihood Consumption, Inclusive Finance, Fehorizon AMC, Overseas Business and CDHORIZON went to Zhengzhou, Luohe, Zhumadian, Luoyang and Sanmenxia on a return visit to the event “Spring Tea for Entrepreneurs of Henan and Hong Kong.” Together, they visited major leaders of the local government, and had in-depth exchanges regarding further deepening their partnership and together seeking high-quality development. Mr. Zhan Jing introduced the overall situation of Fehorizon to the leaders of the above-mentioned five cities, and the other personnel also elaborated on their business layout and the history of cooperation with Henan Province. The local departments made demands for cooperation surrounding the status quo of city development, the future planning and the pain spots and difficulties that need to be solved urgently, and hoped that Fehorizon can give play to its “marketization, internationalization and specialization” advantages and offer targeted and customized solutions for the local government in aspects including urban renewal, business invitation, revitalization of inefficient assets, disposal of bad assets, guide funds for industries, construction of new energy projects, incubation and listing of quality enterprises, corporate bailouts, etc. It was also hoped that through this exchange, the two parties can achieve resource sharing at a deeper level, reinforce complementary advantages in wider fields, and join hands to write a brand-new chapter of government-enterprise cooperation and win-win development.

In the afternoon of May 21, Mr. Zhan Jing led a team to the Municipal People’s Government of Zhengzhou, and talked with leaders including Deputy Mayor Mr. Ma Zhifeng. As the capital city of Henan Province and a core city of the Central Plains economic zone, Zhengzhou is blessed with remarkable advantages, industrial clusters and unlimited development potentials. The two parties carried out comprehensive, in-depth and detailed discussion over the urban development and economic construction of Zhengzhou, and reached a preliminary consensus on cooperation in specific projects.

In the afternoon of May 22, the team of Mr. Zhan Jing visited the Municipal People’s Government of Luohe, and communicated with leaders including Deputy Mayor Zhou Jian. They exchanged views on the development of private economy in Luohe represented by the food industry, and explored possibilities of cooperation about the overseas expansion and listing of the enterprises of Luohe.


In the morning of May 23, Mr. Zhan Jing’s team paid a visit to Mr. Zhang Wei, member of the standing committee of the municipal Party committee and Deputy Mayor of Zhumadian. The two parties carried out in-depth exchanges regarding the development of medical and old-age care services and the healthcare industry—a mutually concerned issue, and discussed matters of cooperation in directions such as hospital construction and operation, investment attraction for the city and supply chain finance.


In the afternoon of May 23, Mr. Zhan Jing and his team arrived in Luoyang. They visited the Luoyang Planning Exhibition Hall and talked with leaders including Mr. Zhang Yujie, member of the standing committee of the municipal Party committee, Deputy Secretary of the leading Party group of the municipal government and Executive Deputy Mayor of Louyang. As the second largest city of Henan Province, Luoyang has well-developed public utilities industry (represented by rail transit) and manufacturing industry (represented by new resources, new materials and intelligent equipment), and is rich in cultural tourism resources with the new cultural tourism industry growing vigorously. Taking this as the entry point, the two parties together explored possibilities of cooperation in directions such as financing leasing, funds, bonds, supply chain finance, hotel operation and infrastructure construction.


On May 24 in the morning, the team led by Mr. Zhan Jing had a meeting with leaders of Sanmenxai City including Deputy Mayor Aihemaiti Aikaimu. Sanmenxai has abundant mineral resources and is currently vigorously developing 12 key industries including copper, gold, aluminum, semiconductor, chemical engineering and green building materials. In addition to a large number of new industrial projects, urban renewal with the renovation of old urban areas as the core has also been put on the agenda. The two parties exchanged ideas on future urban development and industrial transformation, and conducted in-depth exchanges on cooperation in directions including infrastructure construction and equipment leasing.


During the return visit, Mr. Zhan Jing’s team also visited the People’s Government of Jinshui District, Zhengzhou and the Administrative Committee of the Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, and carried out exchanges with head of Jinshui District Zhang Yanhua and Deputy Secretary Wang Demin of the Party working committee of the Hi-Tech Zone. The Overseas Business Department took part in the training seminar themed “Overseas Practices, Financing Opportunities and Case Sharing of High-tech Enterprises in the Middle East” on behalf of Fehorizon, and presented Fehorizon’s full-process service capability including domestic financing counselling, cross-border investment consultation, overseas framework design and overseas financing to more than 70 enterprises that need to go abroad.


The systematic return visit paid by Mr. Zhan Jing’s team to the multiple local governments of Henan once again vividly interprets how Fehorizon serves urban upgrade with practical actions. As a patriotic Hong Kong-invested enterprise, Fehorizon will persist in the strategy of “Backed by Mainland, Based in Hong Kong, Influencing Southeast Asia” and the “finance + industry” business mode as always, continue to give play to its “marketization, internationalization and specialization” advantages, offer customized and individualized solutions based on accurate identification of local government needs, and contribute its wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of cities.