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Celebration of the 27th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s Return to China; Fehorizon’s “Love in the Neighborhood—Lucky Bags Giving” Event Held in Hong Kong
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With the approaching of July 1, the entire Hong Kong is brimming with festivity and jubilance. In the afternoon of June 22, red flags fluttered and the national anthem reverberated at the Chan Shu Kui City Hall of North Point Neighborhood, and over four hundred caring people from various circles of Hong Kong and neighborhood folks gathered together to celebrate the 27th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland. Meanwhile, the “Love in the Neighborhood—Lucky Bags Giving” event of Fehorizon was also held here. Since its donation to subsidize cataract surgeries for the elderly in March, this is the second time this year that Fehorizon offers precise help to the people in a neighborhood in Hong Kong, which fully demonstrates its love for families and the country as well as its unswerving commitment to the people. 

Fehorizon’s Executive Director and Senior Vice President Mr. Cao Jian and Vice President Mr. Wang Ruisheng together attended the event, and a speech was delivered by Mr. Cao Jian at the site. Other attendees include Mr. Wong Cing-fuk (Deputy Director-General of the Hong Kong Island Sub-office of the LOCPG), Mr. Chan Gwok-hung (Assistant Welfare Commissioner for Eastern District and Wan Chai District of the Social Welfare Department), Mr. Huang Jian-cheng (Director of the Causeway Bay Liaison Team of the Home Affairs Department), Mr. Leung Hei (member of the Legislative Council), and members of the Eastern District Council including Hung Lin-cham, Cheng Chi-seng, Ting Kong-ho and Hung Chi-kit.

At 3 p.m., the event officially began. To the accompaniment of the majestic national anthem, a flag-raising team from the Pui Kiu Middle School marched in solemnly, and everyone stood up all together to witness this divine moment.

In the speech, Fehorizon’s Executive Director and Senior Vice President Mr. Cao Jian indicated that the festive moment of the 27th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland has made this charity event even more meaningful. The continuous deepening of the multi-dimensional exchanges between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong has offered sustained and powerful support for the Company’s careful cultivation in the field of charity. In addition, Mr. Cao Jian thanked various partners for supporting this event, and said that their love and care for public benefit and spirit of devotion have inspired us and increasingly driven more people from all sectors of the society to get actively involved in charity and contribute to the construction of a harmonious society.

At the site, Fehorizon gave out a total of 900 lucky bags filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. What’s worth mentioning is that these fruits and vegetables are full of sincerity as they all come from Gao Ze Xiang Yuan—the exclusive farm of Fehorizon. Located at Chongming Island, Shanghai, Gao Ze Xiang Yuan is the only enterprise in Shanghai with qualifications for planting, producing and processing vegetables and fruits for Hong Kong and Macao. All these fruits and vegetables in the lucky bags arrived in Hong Kong early in the morning of the same day, less than 48 hours since they left the farm in Shanghai. Mr. Cao Jian and Mr. Wang Ruisheng gave the gifts of nature from the “land of longevity” Chongming Island to the neighborhood folks in person, along with wishes of health and longevity.

During the donation, under the guidance of staff, over 400 neighborhood folks came forward in batches to receive the lucky bags in an orderly manner. As they took heavy lucky bags from Mr. Cao Jian and Mr. Wang Ruisheng one by one, their faces glowed with joy and gratitude, and they all gave a thumb-up to Fehorizon for its great love and acts of kindness.

“So many fresh fruits and vegetables! How ncie!” “Thanks to Fehorizon for the generous donation—it makes our hearts warm.” Each heavy lucky bag was received with words of gratitude, which embodied the deep emotional connection between Fehorizon and the folks of Hong Kong. While taking a lucky bag from Mr. Cao Jian, Ms. Huang, who is over seventy years old, was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes. She held Mr. Cao’s hands tightly, and said in a choked voice: “Thank you so, so much. Those fresh fruits and vegetables are just wonderful for us old people. I will always remember this kindness!”

The lucky bags show we truly care, as each fruit and vegetable conveys our feelings. Mr. Chan Gwok-hung, Assistant Welfare Commissioner for Eastern District and Wan Chai District of the Social Welfare Department, said in his speech that the lucky bags donated by Fehorizon to the people of Hong Kong while celebrating the return of Hong Kong have filled them with more happiness and a sense of contentment in addition to the festival atmosphere, which coincides with the HKSAR government’s administrative idea of devoting to the happiness of citizens. Councilor Ting Kong-ho mentioned that the lucky bags given by Fehorizon are not only a token of kindness, but also a blessing for good health and a prosperous and healthy life, which reflects the corporate philosophy of “What is taken from the society is given back to the society”. Councilor Leung Hei and Chairman Hung Lin-cham also spoke highly of the significant role of Fehorizon in promoting community welfare affairs, and looked forward to continuous cooperation in the future and making more joint contribution to Hong Kong.

As a conglomerate registered and listed in Hong Kong, Fehorizon and Hong Kong are naturally bonded. As a patriotic Hong Kong-invested enterprise, Fehorizon has been promoting the comprehensive cooperation and mutual development of Hong Kong and the mainland with practical efforts, and also witnessed how Hong Kong “relies on the motherland and connects the world”. By giving full play to its unique advantages and making active efforts to integrate itself into the construction of the Greater Bay Area, it continues to advance the glorious course of high-quality development.

The integrative development of the much anticipated Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area sets a great example. Based on the development idea of “Backed by Mainland, Based in Hong Kong, Influencing Southeast Asia”, the operation of Fehorizon across China over the past two decades is an eye-catching epitome of the active efforts of Hong Kong-invested enterprises to integrate into the construction of the Greater Bay Area.

In April 2023, Fehorizon established its southern operation center in Guangzhou to promote the development of real economy in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area; the same year in May, CDHORIZON, an equipment operation company under Fehorizon, achieved successful listing in Hong Kong, with its 40,000 m2 South China headquarters located in Nansha, Guangzhou. This April, in addition to membership of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, the Hong Kong Chinese Importers’ & Explorers’ Association and the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong, Fehorizon also got appointed as expert for the Consultative Committee on Guangdong-Hong Kong Cooperation (Guangzhou Nansha) (the “CCGHKC), where Mr. Liang Zhenying (Vice Chairman of the CPPCC) serves as an adviser, and thus became a “super contact” for deepening the comprehensive cooperation between Guangdong and Hong Kong and strengthening the construction of the Greater Bay Area. Meanwhile, according to data, since its relocation in 2023, the Company’s Hong Kong headquarters has received over a thousand government and corporate visitors from Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu and other parts of China. We have built a bridge in Hong Kong to connect China with the world and done our best to help mainland enterprises to explore the global market.

Looking ahead, Hong Kong, the bright pearl of China, is still one of the core development engines for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and even the entire China. Based in Hong Kong with the whole world in view, Fehorizon always takes “integrating global resources and promoting industry development” as its mission. Our practical efforts to serve Hong Kong and the entire China in the finance sector range from acts of kindness for the welfare of neighborhood folks to financial support to promote industrial upgrade and link China with the world. 

Over the past 27 years, the development of Hong Kong since its return to China has been witnessed; tomorrow, we shall go hand in hand into a glorious future. Supported by the motherland and facing the world, Hong Kong will continue to create even greater value. We hope that this “oriental pearl” can grow to be even more spectacular and resplendent in the future.