Industrial Operation


Far East Horizon massive health industry ecosystem

‘Medical service’ and ‘elderly care service’ are two core lines, which are combined with other comprehensive services, including hospital management consulting, to build Far East Horizon Massive Health Industry Ecosystem.

Far East Horizon Massive HealthIndustry Ecosystem

  • Medical Service

    Attention turned to the regions short of

    medical resources

    Build a hospital network with the distinctive

    characteristics of Far East Horizon

  • Elderly Care Services.

    Focus on multi-level and multi-form

    elderly care services system construction

    and running

  • Supporting Services

    Management consulting

Baikun Healthcare----Creating a benchmark for the senior healthcare market that is amiable, respectable, trustworthy, and reliable
Far East Horizon’s Shanghai Baikun Healthcare Investment Co., Ltd. focuses on investments and operations in the senior healthcare market, integrating high-quality resources around the world and focusing on the 'medical + senior healthcare' service model to deploy in multiple core regions across the country. It provides high-quality, three-dimensional, and diversified healthcare services integrating medicine, rehabilitation, nursing, and healthcare.

Service Drand

  • An Elderly Care Complex Integrating 'Medical Care and Nursing'

    High-end Comprehensive Community of Health and Senior Care

    Guangzhou (to be established)
  • High-quality Service Organization of 'Rehabilitation Hospital + Nursing Home'


  • A Nursing Home Adjacent to and linked with the Group's Medical Resources


    Zhoushan Guanghua
    Zhoushan Jintang
    Daishan Guanghua
    Daishan Gaoting