Industrial Operation

Horizon Healthcare

HCHORIZON—First echelon of non-public hospitals in China

HCHORIZON is a large non-public hospital running platform under FEHORIZON in China. With “top medical care by your side” as its mission, it aims to establish itself as a long-lasting company that is welcomed by the government, recognized by the industry and embraced by the people. Guided by China’s healthcare policy, HCHORIZON focuses on regions with limited medical resources and carries out industrial investment and operation surrounding medical institutions through investment & merger, reform & restructuring, and planning & new construction, thus creating a hospital network with unique characteristics.


  • Elderly Care Service

  • Medical Service

  • Health Service

  • Supporting Services

Relying on the resources and capabilities in medical field, the Company promotes the exploration and realization of services in the fields of hospital management consulting, medical science and technology, supply chain management, etc, gives full play to the advantages of grouping, and helps member hospitals and medical institutions at all levels to radiate across regions with safer, better and more efficient medical services, ultimately benefiting the people.

Hospital Management Consulting

Business Module

  • Hospital evaluation
    & evaluation management counseling

    JCI International Hospital certification JC1-CCPC certification hospital grade evaluation

  • Patient safety
    and medical quality promotion

    Medical quality system construction Medical quality management tools
    (QCC, RCA, etc.)
    Quality and safety improvement of
    management during period of operation

  • Hospital service
    quality management counseling

    Environmental safety management Service quality improvement T0V-SOS Healthcare
    International certification

  • Hospital performance
    management counseling

    Strategic management Performance management system construction Performance management system

  • Other management

    Cost management system budget management system third party satisfaction survey


Medical Technology

Ihealth Solutions

County healthcare
Online consultation Further consultation & medicine prescription Booking & guiding service Health management In-hospital guidance Long-distance diagnosis Online report Automatic system Mobile payment Rehabilitation plan Internet
Online follow-up Surgery robot Artificial

Ihis Solutions

Intelligence hospital
Doctor station Further consultation & medicine prescription Physical examination system Health management Mobile hospital Long-distance diagnosis Intensive Care Automatic system Surgical anesthesia system Rehabilitation plan Electronic

Digitalized Operation Platform

Integrated management
FSSC Integrated operation management platform HR SSC Hospital 360 Digital supply chain center SCRM client relation management Hongyuntong office platform New media marketing

Data Value Analysis

Decision support
To improve medical service capacity To increase HR efficiency To optimize patient experience To improve operational management efficiency To reduce supply chain cost

Supply chain management

  • To synthesize internal and external needs and bring into full play advantages of corporatization.
  • Comprehensive supply chain management plans
    Convenient & efficient supply chain information service system
  • Offline channel management & online process monitor
    Cost reduction, Hospital productivity release, Supply chain management model improvement