Industrial Operation


Far East Horizon massive health industry ecosystem

‘Medical service’ and ‘elderly care service’ are two core lines, which are combined with other comprehensive services, including hospital management consulting, to build Far East Horizon Massive Health Industry Ecosystem.

Far East Horizon Massive HealthIndustry Ecosystem

  • Medical Service

    Attention turned to the regions short of

    medical resources

    Build a hospital network with the distinctive

    characteristics of Far East Horizon

  • Elderly Care Services.

    Focus on multi-level and multi-form

    elderly care services system construction

    and running

  • Supporting Services

    Management consulting

Horizon Healthcare—Far East Horizon’s subsidiary, Far East Horizon Healthcare Industry Development Co., Ltd., one of the China’s mainstream hospitals run by social capital

Is a large-scale social capital-run hospital group in China. In response to the national policy requirements, with its attention turned to the regions short of medical resources, Horizon Health carries out investment and operation business in the medical field to build a hospital network with the distinctive characteristics of Far East Horizon,aimed at establishing a management model featuring 'one system, one network and one hospital'. Also, it keeps promoting strategic exploration and implementation in the fields of rehabilitation and elderly care.


Build a time-honored healthcare brand that is 'happy to see by the government, recognized by the insiders and reassuring to the common people'

  • Create value for the patients, employees, government, shareholders and partners

  • Everything is done for the patients to safeguard life, relieve pain and show care for health.

  • Absorb resources from all sides to build a large ecosystem to become a preferred partner for the world’s top medical experts and medical institutions.


  • Respect life
    Life is above everything. We go all out to safeguard life.

  • Patient first
    With patients as the core, we respect their personality and dignity and right to enjoy good health.

  • Doctors with excellent medical skills and noble medical ethics
    We follow the essence of healthcare, and offer medical service meticulously every time.


  • In response to the national healthcare industry policy requirements, the Company makes a corporate operation

  • Arrangement in the third, fourth and fifth-tier cities

  • Creating an operation model featuring 'one system, one network and one hospital'

  • Form a large-scale layout through continuing operations. It ranks among the mainstream hospitals run by social capital

  • Has access to resources including medical experts, management consulting, healthcare and nursing, etc.


  • Subordinated Hospitals 30

  • Available Beds 14,000

  • Medical Workers 10,000

Innovation Mode

Through the 'Three Ones' management mode, Horizon has built a standardized, intensive and integrated 'single hospital'.

  • One systemstandards unified

    Construct the operation mode of human, financial and material integration, and establish a standardized medical quality and safety system centered around patients

  • One networkdata sharing

    Create a unique, innovative, technical and effective medical information technology system covering all subordinate hospitals

  • One hospitalresource coordinating

    To build a hospital with standardized, intensive and integrated operation by connecting capital, brand, system and technology as the link both horizontally and vertically

Hospital operational concept


  • Accessible for Everyone

    Extensive service network that can reach areas with less developed medical resources, so that more people can enjoy the nearby and affordable medical services.

  • High quality

    Through the standardized and integrated system of the Group, advanced diagnosis and treatment concepts and medical technologies are transmitted to each hospital.

  • Humanistic Concern

    Paying attention to humanistic care, service process is optimized and medical experience is enhanced.


To provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients and their families to receive medical treatment at ease and recover comfortably, and to provide a safe and comfortable environment for medical personnel to work.

  • Warm and Considerate Culture

  • Safe and Comfortable Environment

  • Convenient and Diverse Services

Institution Demeanour

Medical level


During the COVID-19 pandemic,its 5 hospitals and more than 30 medical staff went to Hubei to fight the pandemic, and all Far East Horizon medical personal fought in the front line of prevention and control in various locations.

Member Hospitals

National Standardized Metabolic Management Center built in Shenzhen Zhonghai Hospital

Yu Changlong, Chief Expert in the rehabilitation field lecturing in member hospitals

The research base for the provincial and ministerial jointly constructed State Key Laboratory of Esophageal Cancer Preve

Guanghua Hospital of Dinghai, Zhoushan introducing Tinavi Robots to perform orthopedic surgeries

Yunnan Boya Hospital becomes a teaching hospital for Kunming University of Science and Technology

Artificial hip replacement in Huizhou Huakang Hospital

The first thoracoscopic surgery for a mediastinal tumor was successfully performed in Na Yong Xinli Hospital, a state po

'Giant uterine fibroid' weighing 10 kilograms was successfully removed in Qinghai Kangle Hospital

The first thoracoscopic removal surgery for a right lower lobectomy was successfully performed in Zhaotong Ren’an Hospit

Multi-finger replantation was performed in the Department of Hand and Foot Surgery of Guanhua Hospital