Industrial Operation

Horizon Healthcare

HCHORIZON—First echelon of non-public hospitals in China

HCHORIZON is a large non-public hospital running platform under FEHORIZON in China. With “top medical care by your side” as its mission, it aims to establish itself as a long-lasting company that is welcomed by the government, recognized by the industry and embraced by the people. Guided by China’s healthcare policy, HCHORIZON focuses on regions with limited medical resources and carries out industrial investment and operation surrounding medical institutions through investment & merger, reform & restructuring, and planning & new construction, thus creating a hospital network with unique characteristics.


  • Elderly Care Service

  • Medical Service

  • Health Service

  • Supporting Services

In response to the national policy requirements, with its attention to the regions short of medical resources, Horizon Healthcare carries out investment and operation business in the medical field to build a hospital network with the distinctive characteristics of FEHORIZON. By returning to the original intention of medicine and the essence of company management, Horizon Healthcare innovatively put forward the management mode featuring "one system, one network and one hospital" and built a standardized, intensive and integrated post-investment operation management system.

  • Strategy

    open the hospital where diseases originate, stick to the 100 countries plan, develop a chain advantage linking district, city and the country; construct a network, implement a system, build a hospital, give full play to the advantages of system and mechanism, build a brand with quality and service, and adhere to controlling cost while improving efficiency.

  • Mission

    Good medical care does not require a long journey.

  • Values

    Respecting Life, Putting Patients First, and Running Hospitals with Sincerity

  • Vision

    A century-old Horizon Healthcare that is welcomed by the government, recognized by the industry, and trusted by the people.

  • Subordinated Hospitals 29

  • Actual Open Beds 11,000

  • Medical Workers Around 10,000

  • Annual outpatient 400 Millions+

Five Hospital Running Strategies

Differentiated Deployment

Covering third-, fourth- and fifth-tier cities and counties that are relatively weak in medical resources

Independent Operation

Pioneering the operation mode of “one system, one network and one hospital”

Systematic Resources Accompanying

Providing supporting resources including health education, medical experts, management consulting, and combination of medical and old-age care services

Scaled-up Running

Shaping a large-scale layout through continuous operation while it already ranks among the first echelon of non-public hospitals

Company-model operation

Implementing corporate operation according to the requirements of China’s healthcare industry policy

Five Strategic Disciplines

  • Orthopedics

  • Rehabilitation Science

  • Oncology

  • Nephrology

  • Consumer Medicine

Medical Philosophy

Dual centers

  • Patient-centered

    Reverence for life, patient first, devoted treatment

  • Healthcare-centered

    Integrated staff rank management, multi-dimensional talent training system, large career development opportunities

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