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Burning youth, pursuing dreams! Tears, laughters and highlights of 3-year on-boarding celebration in 2020


Burning youth, pursuing dreams! Tears, laughters and highlights of 3-year on-boarding celebration in 2020

How long is three years?

Some people say that three years is short,

So Short that not enough to cover a rental project cycle;

Some people say that three years is a long time,

Long enough to make the fresh rookie

Transformed into a refined business backbone.

But for Far East Horizon people,

Three years is of special significance.

It is the memory of youth, but also the mark of strive

Time will live up to every striving youth,

Every striving youth is worthy of praise!

On July 10th, the 3-year on-boarding celebration of Far East Horizon in 2020 was held in Shanghai Far East Horizon Plaza.

Flowers and applause, memories and expectations, tears and laughter are interwoven in this traditional Far East Horizon activity with a history of 15 years.

At such a special historical node this year, we have the honor to witness this grand ceremony and experience the tears, laughters and highlights. While we are proud, we also feel that our mission lies on our shoulders.

△ Group photo of the company's leaders and 3-year on-boarding employees attending the celebration

So emotional,

There are many tears in this 3-year on-boarding celebration


The warmth of the heart


"You really tried hard!"

"You grew much mature!"

"You got fatter”


What do you want to say to yourself back to three years ago? A simple VCR was played on the scene of the 3-year celebration. Talking about the three years, they are proud, emotional, humorous or solemn…while talking about youth, talking about ideals, they are incomparably firm.

"If life must move advance, if you must grow up, then keep striving during the youth! There is no regret in spring and no regret in struggle. "

In VCR, Far East Horizon people said above. Peaceful and persistent, modest and fearless, the sincere values of Far East Horizon people shocked the audience and hit many people's tears.


Inspiring passion


Around the history of the 3-year celebration, the live broadcast has also pieced together a precious memory of the struggle history of the people in Far East Horizon

△ Precious memories record the struggle history of people in Far East Horizon

Yes, three years,

In the face of the difficult environment, some people hesitated,

while they choose to go forward;

Faced with arduous tasks, some people went down the river,

While they chose to face the difficulties;

In the face of less gathering and more separation with their families, some people unload their bags,

while they chose to carry the load and move on.

There is no right or wrong choice, just a clear conscience.

For three years, when the murmur of helplessness, questioning and giving up haunted them, they all chose to stick to their ideals, struggle and posts in countless struggles.

"3-year celebration" is to pay tribute to this group of persistent employees, to every fellow Far East Horizon people, and to the cultural core of the striver. As a staff member said:

"In the past three years, every drop of sweat and every step of the road we have gone through are precious wealth of life. Today's applause is for "the most hardworking ourselves" and also for the comrades in arms who have worked hard for the same dream


Lofty sentiments to forge ahead into the future

"In the past three years, every important moment is worth rememberin. What's more, we have to take a better attitude to meet each extraordinary three years."

At the scene of the event, the staff representatives who celebrated the three years solemnly signed their names on the flag symbolizing the spirit of Far East Horizon. As the " new FEH people " of the company, the new employees took over the heavy flag from their predecessors. New employee representatives said:

"This is a flag symbolizing the spirit of Far East Horizon and a banner of striving. Waving this flag, we also look forward to one day to catch up with the footsteps of our predecessors and fly like eagles!”

△ New employee representatives take over Far East Horizon Horizon flag from the 3-year on-boarding staff

Cloud award + live broadcast,

There are many highlights in this 3-year celebration


In addition to a series of moving moments, there are many brand-new highlights in the 3-year celebration of Far East Horizon.

Affected by the epidemic situation and the need of work arrangement, the staff of local offices and business trips could not come to Shanghai to participate in the activities. On the way to share their experience in the past three years. This kind of FEH people's working normality of running frequently also makes their feelings more sincere and more grounded.

△ On the way of business trip, the staff delivered their speeches via video link

In order to let the FEH people from all over China share this glorious moment, this 3-year celebration has set up an online live broadcasting room. People from 23 offices across the country can watch the ceremony remotely no matter where they are.

△ The staff took photos to record the wonderful moments

Red envelope rain, interactive answering, and even the popular live broadcast with online selling elements are all integrated into the online studio.

On the spot, "FEH Peng Yuyan" incarnated as " Internet celebrity" to the FEH people to "Recommend" this 3-year celebration prize -- Far East Horizon and LONGINES jointly customized limited edition commemorative watch.

△ Limited edition watch and medal of honor prepared for the 3-year on-boarding employee

In addition, the messages in the live broadcast room were also wonderful, sharing their own stories of Far East Horizon. One message said: After Far East Horizon moving from Shenyang to Shanghai, it only take 3 years to be the industry leader and 10 years for stock exchange listing, which is so remarkable!

Will there be a milestone in Far East Horizon nearing 20-year southward migration? It's worth looking forward to!

△ The 3-year celebration is popular both online and offline

The online broadcast room of the 3-year celebration of Far East Horizon attracted 64,000 people to watch. The total number of comments was nearly 2,000. Every round of 200 red packets were "grabbed immediately ".

At the same time, in order to make up for the regret that some employees could not come to the scene, the "cloud Award" ceremony was also added in this 3-year celebration. Kong Fanxing, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Director and Chief Executive of Far East Horizon, pressed the button to give awards remotely.

△ President Kong Fanxing pressed the button to give awards remotely.

President Kong Fanxing:

Special 3-year celebration, a new starting point


"The old videos bring my memory back to those old days." President Kong Fanxing said, "When the first 3-year celebration was held in 2005, there were less than 140 employees in the company, and only 33 employees participated in the celebration."

15 years later, with the efforts of generations of people in Far East Horizon, Far East Horizon not only developed steadily in the financial leasing industry, but also set sail in the new business and industrial operation business.

Fortune China's top 500, Forbes Global 2000 top honors, and in the Huangpu River we have a "home.". President Kong also talked about it in the ceremony,

Today's Far East Horizon is still keeping a low profile,

But strength has not allowed it.

△ President Kong Fanxing is making a speech in the ceremony

At the beginning of this year, affected by the epidemic situation, the operation of countless enterprises was impacted unprecedentedly.

"At that time, we were also confused. Could this year's 3-year celebration continue?"

Fortunately, the people of Far East Horizon still chose to face the difficulties and overcome the obstacles as always.

"Today, the 3-year celebration is still held smoothly. We can be very proud to say that Far East Horizon is still here. Our foundation is stable, our assets are stable, our income is predictable, and our future development can be looked forward to! "

President Kong said that this year is a special 3-year celebration, the first 3-year celebration held in Far East Horizon Plaza, and will also become the starting point of the future journey to Far East Horizon:

"I hope that in another 15 years, Far East Horizon will stand on a more brilliant height. Congratulations to all the staff who have been with Far East Horizon for three years and thank them for their contribution to Far East Horizon! I also wish every FEH people, with the development of Far East Horizon, to stand on a higher peak of life. "

Burning youth, pursuing dreams!

The history and inheritance of the 3-year celebration


In the entrepreneurial history of nearly 20 years since Far East Horizon moved to the south, "3-year celebration" is one of the most eye-catching footnotes in the company's development process.

In 2005, Far East Horizon held a celebration for the employees who had been working in the company for three years for the first time. Every employee participating in the "3-year celebration" will receive a delicate watch, which is updated and iterated, but what remains unchanged is the expectation of the future.

The flag giving ceremony is also a long tradition of "3-year celebration", which symbolizes the inheritance and development of Far East Horizon spirit from generation to generation.

△ Li Jiancheng, Vice President of Far East Horizon, is the standard bearer of the first 3-year celebration

Burning youth, pursuing dreams!

For FEH people, "3-year celebration" is no longer a simple celebration, but a symbol of the company's struggle culture, and Far East Horizon's care and encouragement for employees' hard work.

Facing the future, Far East Horizon will continue to provide a fair and open competition stage for each employee, so that employees can fully display their talents and stimulate their potential.

Live up to our youth and ideals.

Wish and thank every employee of the 3-year celebration, also wish every member of Far East Horizon who is struggling to write a new and magnificent chapter with Far East Horizon.