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Fehorizon’s Action on Climate Change Received Recognition with CDP Rating Increased to B-
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Recently, Fehorizon’s action on climate change once again received recognition from an international agency. Its score in CDP climate change rating has increased to B- (a leading level in China), which demonstrates the Company’s commitment as an industry leader.


▲ Fehorizon’s score B- (global and Asian average score C)


Established in 2000, CDP is a non-profit charity dedicated to disclosing global business environmental information. Up to now, over 23,000 enterprises worldwide which together account for above two thirds of the global market value of companies have been reporting their environmental data through CDP. Since it has the richest and most comprehensive data on corporate and city actions, CDP is regarded as the gold standard for environmental report by the world economy. 


Since the goal of value chain carbon neutrality in 2050 promised in 2022, Fehorizon has been practicing the philosophy of green development in great depth. Through its management actions from top to bottom, it has released the 3-Year Action Plan for Carbon Neutrality of Fehorizon, to strengthen the accounting of Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions and take actions including energy conservation & emission reduction, equipment electrification, and green energy development; and actively carry out other accounting of Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions and plan emission reduction paths according to the Science Based Targets (SBT).


Meanwhile, to cope with climate change, the Company began to support TCFD in 2023. It has launched a series of climate risk management work, conducted a comprehensive physical and transition scenario analysis of operation sites and investment portfolios, perfected its internal climate risk management mechanism, and developed climate risk management measures correspondingly.


According to its plan, Fehorizon will join the “Science Based Targets initiative” (SBTi) and release the first TCFD/ISSB S2 financial disclosure report related to climate change, to explore new paths for climate risk management in the industry. In the future, adhering to the sustainable development concept, Fehorizon will remain devoted to creating value for various parties and improving the sustainable development performance of itself and the value chain, to contribute its strength to high-quality economic and social development.