Management System Upgrade

Far East Horizon has fully started the upgrade of the operating system, set up a new business department for running financial business including inclusive finance, assets operation and overseas operation, and established an independent incubation platform for strategic operations.


Far East Horizon Plaza

Far East Horizon was relocated and moved into the Far East Horizon Plaza in Houtan on the east bank of the Huangpu River.


The First Nursing Facility

The first health nursing facility, Baiyueju, is situated in Jinhua with the aim of provide high-quality elderly care services.


The First Independently Established School

Hongwen School Shanghai opened, aimed at training elites for the society.


An asset management company was established

“Hongjie Assets” was established and began to develop business services including asset package acquisition, asset investment under special opportunities, and M&A.  


Forbes Global 2000

Ranked among Forbes Global 2000 for the first time.


Fortune 500

Ranked among China’s Fortune 500 for the first time.


The First Private Equity Platform

'Grand Flight Investment', a private equity platform mainly initiated by Far East Horizon, was established, forming a financial business structure in which equity and debt businesses are linked to each other.


The First Kindergarten

The first kindergarten was taken over, named Hongwen Montessori Academy Biyun Kindergarten.


The First High School

The first high school was taken over, named Hongwen School Chengdu.


Tianjin Operation Center

An operation center was officially established in Tianjin, forming a dual-center domestic operation structure.


The First Construction Investment Operation Platform

'Horizon Construction Investment' was established, focusing on making investment in the field of infrastructure construction.


The First Publicly Offered Off-sheet ABS

Became China’s first financial leasing company to take assets off the balance sheet.


Joined the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors

Set a precedent for domestic direct financing in the China’s financial leasing industry.


Given Standard & Poor’s 'BBB' Credit Ratings

Became China’s first non-bank financial institution to be given international investment ratings.


The First Hospital

Huizhou Huakang Hospital joined the Far East Healthcare Family, becoming the first hospital to be managed by Far East Horizon. At present, the Far East Horizon Health Industry Development Co., Ltd. has ranked top among China’s medical institutions run with social capital.


The First Medical Management Company

Cooperated with the Changhua Christian Hospital, Taiwan in establishing 'Horizon Medical Management', committed to providing medical management consulting services for Chinese medical institutions


An offshore medium-term note program was established

Become China’s first financial leasing company to realize direct financing in the overseas debt capital market.



We were listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, becoming the first company with financial leasing as its basic business in mainland China to be listed in Hong Kong. We formally put forward the Far East Horizon ‘Finance + Industry’ business model.


Overseas Bond Issuance

Issued the first dim sum bond, becoming China’s first financial leasing company to issue bonds overseas.


The First Equipment Operation Platform

'Horizon Equipment' (now known as Horizon Construction Development) was established, focusing on providing a full range of construction equipment operation and engineering services, and has now become a leading equipment operator in China and one of the world’s top 100 equipment operators.


The First Factoring Project

Signed a factoring agreement, completing Far East Horizon’s first factoring project.


The First Medical Equipment Engineering Company

Started medical equipment engineering business, representing the Company’s early exploration in the comprehensive medical service sector.


First Overseas Financing

Completed the first overseas syndicated loan, setting a precedent for overseas financing by a Chinese financial leasing company.


Strategic Investor Introduction

Introduced world-class strategic investors to make overall planning for resource globalization.


The First Syndicated Loan

We became China’s first financial leasing company to achieve‘one-to-many’ financing.


Comprehensive Industrial Operation Service

First proposed the strategic transformation from single financial services into comprehensive industrial operation services.


The First Non-lease Business Platform

'Donghong Industrial' was established, focusing on developing trade, investment and brokerage in addition to financial business, and starting an early exploration on comprehensive industrial services on behalf of the Company.


The First ABS

The first ABS of Far East Leasing went public, becoming China’s first financial leasing asset securitization product, marking the official launch of the asset securitization model of China’s financial leasing industry in the capital market.


The First Business Division

Founded the first business division named after the industry— Medical System Business Division, pioneering the delivery of financial services from the perspective of industrial division of labor in China’s financial industry.


The First Ship Chartering Order

Had 5 ships, becoming one of China’s first companies to offer financial leasing services in the ship industry.



The first business risk control system came into being, setting a precedent for segmented operations in the financial leasing industry.


The First Aircraft Lease Order

Signed a financial leasing agreement with China Xinhua Airlines and got the first aircraft, becoming one of the first companies in China to offer financial leasing services in the aviation industry.


Southward Migration

The 11 founders of Far East Horizon moved from Shenyang to Shanghai, starting an entrepreneurial journey, making a breakthrough in their business by receiving the first order.


The First Order

Far East Horizon signed a medical equipment financing agreement with the Tangshan Hospital of Chinese Medicine, and this was the first order to be received by Far East Horizon after its southward migration.


Company Establishment

As the predecessor of Far East Horizon, the Far East International Leasing Co., Ltd. was formally established with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade of PRC. As a pioneer in China’s leasing industry, it started its initial exploration in the field of financial leasi