Company Profile

Listing of CDHORIZON

CDHORIZON under FEHORIZON was listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, stock code 09930.HK.


Grand opening of headquarters’ new office location

The Hong Kong headquarters of FEHORIZON held the opening ceremony of its new office location.


A new phase

The company re-positioned its resources and organizational logic to promote the strategy of "globalization of resources, globalization of operation" at various levels and to upgrade the business mode again.


Establishment of the ESG Committee

The ESG Committee under the Board of Directors of FEHORIZON was established to take charge of the practice of sustainable development, which marked the new height of management in environment, society and governance.


A milestone in offshore fundraising

The successful issuance of the first US$300 million convertible bond is both a milestone in the company's offshore fundraising and an effective extension and validation of the "globalization of resources" development strategy.  


Upgrading of the operating system

The company launched a comprehensive upgrade of the operating system and established a new business department to officially launch financial businesses such as inclusive finance, asset business and overseas business, as well as an independent incubation platform for strategic operations business.



FEHORIZON people moved into its new home at FEHORIZON Plaza in Houtan on the east bank of the Huangpu River.


The first old-age care institution

The first old-age care institution that features a combination of recovery and well-being opened in Jinhua, aiming at providing high-quality old-age care services.


The first private school

The flagship campus of Hongwen School was open in Shanghai, aiming to nurture elite talents for the society.


Establishment of the asset management company

Hongjie AMC was established and began to explore business services such as asset package acquisition, special opportunity asset investment, M&A and restructuring.


Forbes Global 2000

FEHORIZON held a position for the first time on the Forbes Global 2000 list of the world's largest companies.


Fortune China 500

FEHORIZON got included for the first time on the Fortune 500 China list.


The first private equity fund

The first platform of private equity fund, Grand Flight, was established with FEHORIZON as its main sponsor, forming a financial business pattern where stock right and credit right businesses are interlinked.


For the first time, the financial leasing industry has entered the exchange market.

International Far Eastern Leasing Co., Ltd. successfully completed the issuance of 2 billion company bonds, a momentous event that marked the first time of the financial leasing industry’s having entered the exchange market, and the opening up of a new horizon for our company’s direct debt financing in China.


Tianjin operation center

With the establishment of the operation center in Tianjin, a dual-center operation pattern was formed in China.


The first construction investment and operation platform

Horizon Construction Investment was established, which focuses on investments in the infrastructure construction.


The first ABS based on public offering off the balance sheet

FEHORIZON became the first financial leasing company in China to successfully move assets off the balance sheet.


Joining China Interbank Market Dealers Association

FEHORIZON pioneered the domestic direct financing in China's financial leasing industry.


Receiving "BBB-" credit rating from S&P

FEHORIZON became the first non-bank financial institution in China to receive a rating of the international investment level.


The first hospital

Huizhou Huakang Hospital got included in the Far Eastern Healthcare system, making itself the first hospital invested and operated by FEHORIZON. Now Far East Horizon Healthcare Industry Development Co. Ltd. has ranked among the top hospitals run by social capital in China.


The first medical management company

Collaborating with Zhanghua Christian Hospital in Taiwan, the company set up Horizon Hospital Management to provide hospital management consulting services for domestic medical institutions.


The establishment of an offshore medium-term note programme

FEHORIZON became the first financial leasing company in China to achieve direct financing in the offshore debt capital market.



FEHORIZON was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and became the first mainland company listed in Hong Kong with financial leasing as its basic business. The "Finance + Industry" business mode was officially proposed.


Issuing bonds outside China

FEHORIZON issued the first dim sum bonds and became the first Chinese financial leasing company to issue bonds outside China.


The first equipment operation platform

HORIZON Equipment (now CDHORIZON) was established, focusing on providing a full range of construction equipment operation and engineering services. So far, it has become a leading equipment operation company in China and one of the top 100 in the world.


The first factoring

FEHORIZON signed a factoring agreement and completed its first factoring project.


The first medical equipment engineering company

It marked the beginning of medical equipment engineering business, representing the company's early exploration in the direction of integrated services in the medical industry.


Launch of overseas financing

FEHORIZON completed its first overseas syndicated loan, setting a precedent for overseas financing of Chinese financial leasing companies.


Introduction of strategic investment

FEHORIZON introduced top international strategic investors, sketching its layout of the globalization of resources.


The first syndicated loan

FEHORIZON became the first financial leasing company in China to achieve "one-to-many" financing.


Integrated industrial operation services

FEHORIZON promoted its strategic shift from a single financial service to a comprehensive industrial operation service.


The first non-leasing business platform

The establishment of Shanghai Donghong Co.,Ltd. showcased the company's early exploration in the direction of integrated industrial services, which developed trading, investment and brokerage business in addition to the financial business.


Issuing the first ABS

The first ABS of Far Eastern Leasing Co. Ltd. was listed, making itself the first financial leasing asset securitization product in China, which marked the official launch of the asset securitization model of China's financial leasing industry in the capital market.


The first business unit

FEHORIZON established the Medical System Business Unit, its first business unit named after an industry, which set a model of financial services from the perspective of industry division of labour for China's financial industry .


The first ship leasing

With its five vessels, FEHORIZON became one of the first companies in China to launch ship finance leasing.



The first set of business risk control system A-F phases came into being, which pioneered segmented operation in the financial leasing industry.


The first aircraft leasing

A financial leasing agreement was signed with Xinhua Airlines, leading to our ownership of the first aircraft. Thus, FEHORIZON became one of the first companies in China to conduct aircraft financial leasing.


Moving south

Eleven founders of the company moved from Shenyang to Shanghai to start the journey of their entrepreneurship and made the first breakthrough in business.


The first deal

The medical equipment financing agreement with Tangshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the first deal since FEHORIZON moved south.


Establishment of the company

As the predecessor of Far East Horizon limited, International Far Eastern Leasing Co., Ltd. was formally established with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of China. As a pioneer in China's leasing industry, it started its initial exploration in the field of financial leasing.