Company Profile

Iron undergoes hundreds of strikes before turning into steel. A silkworm wraps itself in thick cocoon before transforming into a butterfly. The phoenix embraces its nirvana only in burning flames. Behind all this is perseverance in spite of all difficulty, insistence in holding onto dreams, and the painstaking efforts and unshakable conviction which make the glorious moment possible.

In 2001, with great determination, 11 men cherishing the dream of entrepreneurship went all the way down to the south and began their new lives on the prosperous but strange land of Shanghai. Back then, the leasing industry in China was in a slump, through which only a few companies survived. In desperate shortage of fund and clients, the founders were under heavy pressure of maintaining FEHORIZON. Hesitation, confusion, agony and even despair, all once haunted them.

Encouraged by the poem “the way was long, and wrapped in gloom did seem, as I urged on to seek my vanished dream” and inspired by the grand prospect of “building excellent company with great endeavor”, we people of FEHORIZON have been rewriting the history of China’s leasing industry, gaining preeminence above former rivals and producing wonders one after another thanks to our robust will, fearless courage, innovative ideology and exploring spirit. In a flash of moment, FEHORIZON has grown into its powerful and prosperous self today. The twenty-year entrepreneurial process is also one of FEHORIZON’s exploration of survival, during which we have been continuously innovating operation methods, strengthening resource organization powers, thus having formed characteristic ways of discovering and increasing values.

Through constant upgrade of business mode, FEHORIZON has made successful exploration in business pattern and provided clients with financial services by means of “trade division, industry attachment, speciality operation”. Meanwhile, we emphasize the layout of industry operation to harness the strength of organic collaboration and mutual boost between finance and industry. We also put innovative business development on the agenda and actuate value creation with novel and efficient resource organization and operation methods.

In retrospect, we have been adhering to the military style of overcoming difficulties and challenging ourselves. During the process, we have been steadily developing our unique team culture, known as the “FEHORIZON Spirit”. It includes:  determination to seek the truth, talk the talk and walk the walk; belief in sublation and innovation; courage to conquer the unconquerable and suffer the insufferable; will to shoulder the responsibility towards mankind and blaze the trail. This constructs the soul of our team.

Looking beyond, we will spare no effort in heading forward as usual, working for the goal of building an excellent company and making extraordinary achievements. We will create greater value for members, friends and the society in a legal and sensible way. Thus, FEHORIZON becomes a magnet that attracts resources, a goal sought by them and needed by all sorts of social parties.

We are fortunate to be living in this reviving era of the Chinese nation and develop together with other parties in a harmonious environment.

Time to set sail and ride the waves. Let’s join our hands and march together into a bright future.

Far East Horizon Co., Ltd.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Director, CEO