Industrial Operation


Far East Horizon massive health industry ecosystem

‘Medical service’ and ‘elderly care service’ are two core lines, which are combined with other comprehensive services, including hospital management consulting, to build Far East Horizon Massive Health Industry Ecosystem.

Far East Horizon Massive HealthIndustry Ecosystem

  • Medical Service

    Attention turned to the regions short of

    medical resources

    Build a hospital network with the distinctive

    characteristics of Far East Horizon

  • Elderly Care Services.

    Focus on multi-level and multi-form

    elderly care services system construction

    and running

  • Supporting Services

    Management consulting

Horizon Healthcare Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Horizon Healthcare Management'), as a member enterprise of Horizon, is an operating platform established by Far East Horizon Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Taiwan's Changhua Christian Hospital to engage in management consulting and professional research of medical institutions. Horizon Healthcare Management helps medical institutions at all levels to improve the current management situation, build high-level management teams and enhance long-term competitiveness with an international perspective of hospital management and rich local counseling experience. It also covers areas with safer, more efficient and superior medical services for the benefit of the public.

Products Recommendation

High-quality and personalized hospital management consulting, special training, visiting and learning and other diversified products and services are provided for domestic medical institutions at all levels by Horizon Healthcare Management.

Guide member hospitals to participate in TÜV certification in Germany

The sole technical partner of German TÜV in the domestic medical industry

Guide member hospitals to complete 6S management and quality control circle related counseling

  • 01.Counseling for hospital reviews and evaluation management

    JCI International Hospital Accreditation
    JCI-CCPC Accreditation
    Hospital grading and review
  • 02.Counseling for patient safety and medical quality improvements

    Medical quality system establishment
    Medical quality management tools (QCC, RCA, etc.)
    Improvement of peri-operation period quality and safety management
  • 03.Counseling for hospital service quality management

    Environmental safety management
    Service quality improvement TUV-SQS
    International healthcare accreditation
  • 04.Counseling for hospital performance management

    Strategic management
    Performance management system establishment
    Performance management system
  • 05.Counseling for health promotion hospitals

    WHO-HPH (Health Promotion Hospital)
  • 06.Other management consulting

    New hospital planning
    Chronic Disease Management Center for Diabetes
    Third-party satisfaction survey
  • 07.Specialized training

    Quality control training
    Nursing training
    Infection control in hospitals and logistics safety training
  • 08.Visits

    Visit to Taiwan
    Visit to Singapore
  • ……