Industrial Operation

'HONGWEN SCHOOL' is a brand created by Hongxin Education for compulsory education to high school. It combines advanced overseas education concepts with traditional Chinese education to provide a 12-year consistent education comparable to the international advanced education level, and cultivate the international talents with the integration of Chinese and Western education. Adhere to the school motto of 'diligence, benevolence, self-discipline, perseverance, and innovation', lead the development of the school with the concept of 'promoting the spirit of science and cultivating knowledge', implement national curriculum with innovative teaching methods, pay attention to the cultivation of students' interests and specialties, and devote to cultivating students core literacy and innovative thinking.



  • Shanghai Campus

    189 1784 6368 / 181 2114 2015
    No.318 Chuanda Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
  • Qingdao Campus

    No.232 Binhai Avenue, Songling Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao

The Pudong, Shanghai campus of the Hongwen School was officially opened on Sep 1, 2018. It is located close to Disneyland Shanghai. The campus covers an area of about 56,000 square meters, with about 35,000 square meters of built-up area and a green coverage rate of 75%. The beautiful and verdant campus is surrounded by water bodies. The environment here is second to none in Shanghai. The school's expansive indoor spaces and complete complement of facilities have created a good environment for the development of students' interests.

The Laoshan, Qingdao campus of the Hongwen School was founded in 2009. It is home to modern school buildings that are comparable to the best around the world. Advanced teaching facilities and teaching aids can be found in its classrooms, laboratories, libraries, reading rooms, computer rooms, language labs, and student activity areas. This is a boarding school where resident advisors provide students with careful and thoughtful guidance. A 24-hour security system is in place in the student dormitory. Three students share a dorm room, which is equipped with an ensuite toilet, air conditioning and other living facilities.

Teaching Characteristics

Compulsory Education Stage

Compulsory education direction, HONGWEN SCHOOL innovates teaching methods based on the implementation of school-based national curriculum.

  • Humanistic teaching view: One subject integrates into multi-course

    Implement the teaching of humanistic view, develop school-based textbooks to integrate interdisciplinary teaching methods, and introduce modern AR teaching methods to enrich classroom interaction.

  • Science teaching view: Lectures in different subjects, integrated application

    Strengthen the application of life experience and practical operation in science teaching, and cultivate students' innovation ability, scientific literacy and practical ability through STEM courses.

  • Comprehensive arts and sports teaching: One specialty, many experiences

    Integrate art into the influence of aesthetic education, and combine appreciation and personal cultivation for classroom teaching. Sport courses should realize the improvement of students' physical fitness and the acquisition of skills, and pay more attention to the spread of sports spirit and the training of character and will.

  • Strengthen foreign languages and develop bilingual competence: one aspect is the focus, and other aspects are also developed

    From the first grade onwards, we adopt bilingual education mode in music, fine arts, sports, science, computer and other disciplines, and gradually transition to mathematics, physics and chemistry, laying a solid foundation for linking up international curriculum learning.

  • Intelligence of information technology: 3D printing, programming learning

    Develop exploratory courses to test knowledge and skills intelligently; primary school (LEGO, 3D intelligent brush), secondary school (programming, 3D printing, robot).

  • Unity of knowing and emphasis on practical use: hone your willpower, explore research and study

    Develop research and study courses and winter/summer camp programs that enable students to establish a systematic acceptance of knowledge through experience, learn by experience and reflect.

Senior High School

As for high school, HONGWEN SCHOOL absorbs the characteristics of elite education in Britain and America based on traditional Chinese culture, cultivates international elite talents in an all-round way and make it possible for Chinese students to enter world famous schools

  • Cultivate team consciousness on management of 'Four Colleges'

    The school will set up four colleges of 'Confucius, Mencius, Yan Hui, Tseng Tzu' for their traditional cultural characteristics, regardless of grade or gender, to realize the complementarity between 'college system' and 'class system'. Each college regularly elects community leaders to improve comprehensive quality and enhance teamwork awareness through various competitions in teaching and life.

  • The educational concept of 'New Six Arts', a combination of Chinese and Western teaching thoughts.

    The 'New Six Arts' is an educational ideal put forward creatively on the basis of systematic study of Confucius' educational thoughts and comparison of the educational advantages of China and the West. It forms a teaching mode to cultivate students' international elite qualities and skills by integrating the 'Confucius' Six Arts-rite, music, chariot archery, driving, writing and mathematics' with international authoritative courses such as A-level and IGCSE.

  • Many qualified teachers and complete English teaching environment

    Employ Chinese and foreign elite teachers from famous universities around the world, such as Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard to form a faculty team with rich international educational experience. Teach in English to small classes in order to help students enter famous universities in Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and other world famous institutes

  • Professional entrance guidance provides opportunity to famous universities

    The school entrance guidance team collects professionals to formulate exclusive entrance guidance and planning courses for each child from his admission, follows the main objectives of the school, and fully devoted to help each student to fully exert his/her academic potential and provide free help and guidance to enter the university during their stay in school and in the future.