Industrial Operation

As a 12-year school, Hongwen School adheres to the motto of "diligence, benevolence, self-discipline, perseverance, and innovation". Run with the philosophy of "being scientifically-minded and aesthetically-conscious", the school adopts the national curriculum with innovative methods, encourages learning based on interest, and is committed to cultivating core qualities and innovative thinking.



  • Shanghai Campus

    318 Chuanda Road, Pudong, Shanghai
  • Qingdao Campus

    No. 232, Binhai Avenue, Songling Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao

Located in the Shanghai Disney section, Hongwen School Shanghai Pudong Campus officially opened on September 1, 2018. The school covers an area of about 56,000 square meters, with about 35,000 square meters of construction area, and 75% of green coverage. The beautiful campus is urrounded by water and lined up by trees, its’ ecology being second to none among schools in Shanghai. It boasts broad indoor and outdoor space and rich facilities, forming an environment conducive to the development of students' interests and talents.

Qingdao Laoshan Campus of Hongwen School was founded in 2009, with internationally advanced modern teaching buildings. Classrooms, laboratories, libraries, reading rooms, computer rooms, language rooms, and student activity areas are all equipped with advanced teaching facilities and accessories. The school adopts a fully closed boarding system, in which tutors are responsible for caring for students. The dormitory area is equipped with 24-hour security system. Three students share one room, with bathroom, air conditioning and other facilities.

Teaching Characteristics

Compulsory Education Stage

Hongwen School innovates teaching methods on the basis of adoption of national curriculum

  • Bilingual teaching

    Laying emphasis on English and bilingualism on the basis of the nationally unified curriculum. Chinese and English are used alternately and with varying proportions for different grades, in courses such as STEM, drama, physical education, mathematics, music, art, etc.. Bilingualism is implemented eventually for mathematics, physics and chemistry, preparing students for international curriculum of senior high school.

  • Interdisciplinary humanities

    Taking Chinese as the core course and integrating history, geography, art, music and other disciplines, the school independently develops a series of "Four Seasons and Five Elements" extensive reading materials to carry out interdisciplinary teaching.

  • Cross-cultural differentiation

    On the basis of the national curriculum, cross-cultural and international understanding education is complemented. English teaching is differentiated from the first grade. Junior high school English courses integrate British and American extensive reading and online reading. Different teaching objectives, teaching contents, practice levels and homework requirements are designed according to each student's different English level and learning interest.

  • Highlighting Classical Chinese

    Our school has systematically planned nine years of Chinese courses, focusing on learning classics, i.e., reading one great book of classical Chinese each year. We have special teachers of Chinese studies and classrooms, too. Chinese studies have been formally integrated into the curriculum.

  • STEM+ Business

    Relying on the advantages of the company's financial background and the accumulation of resources in each school district, we build a bilingual STEM system of mathematics, science and information technology, and expand business courses. "STEM+ Business" is the characteristic discipline of Hongwen School.

  • Arts and Sports

    Hongwen School provides students with a wealth of art courses and indoor and outdoor sports projects, so that every student can find something interesting and suitable to him/herself through multiple experiences.

  • All-round development in and out of class

    We provide students with various campus activities, including research courses in each semester, the Belt and Road theme activities, as well as art festivals, science and technology festivals, club activities, concerts, etc.

Senior High School Stage

Hongwen School is committed to cultivating "elites with social responsibilities, professional innovative skills and global competitiveness", and helping students pursue their dreams of entering world-class universities.

  • Chinese- and Western-integrated elite courses

    The High School curriculum fully absorbs the Chinese spirit and integrates courses of Chinese language and culture with the most globally recognized British National curriculum (IGCSE, A-Level) and IBDP courses, with a focus on STEM interdisciplinary and PBL proactive learning mode. The Hongwen curriculum system with unique cultural characteristics is thus built and maximizes the objectives of elite education.

  • Excellent teachers and multicultural environment

    Teachers from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and other well-known universities around the world are hired to form a strong faculty team with rich international education experience. International cooperation is carried out in teaching, course-developing, and exchange programs, providing students with high-quality international education in the context of bilingual teaching and multi-cultural scenarios, which serves the purpose of cultivating future talents with Chinese cultural roots and a global perspective.

  • Professional guidance leads to top universities

    The entrance guidance team of the school is composed of experienced professionals who know how to devise curriculum and guidance tailored for each child from day one. They are committed to helping students tap academic potential and cultivate moral sentiment, integrity, leadership abilities and other various personal qualities. Professional help and personalized guidance are provided for each student throughout high school time, in preparation for university.

  • Hongwen students in universities around the world

    Taught and prepared by a stable and high-quality faculty team, Hongwen graduates turn out to spread all over the top universities and higher education institutions around the world, including universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, etc.. Many of them successfully obtained the admission of Yale University, Brown University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, London School of Economics and Political Science, Imperial College and other first-class universities. More than 20% of Hongwen graduates are admitted to the world's top 10 universities, more than 40% to top 30, and about 60% to top 50. The UK G5 acceptance rate is close to one third.