Industrial Operation

THE NATIONAL MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE (hereinafter referred to as 'NMSC') is the first oversea flagship high school of Hongxin Education. The school, jointly run by Far East Horizon and former British Labour Party parliamentarians, is the first elite high school in the UK that focuses on providing STEM (herein referred to science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education. The school offers A-Level courses to recruit students aged 15-19 from around the world, and is committed to cultivating students to enter The Russell Group universities represented by Oxford and Cambridge, and the Ivy League universities represented by Harvard and Yale, fostering students to become the future Leaders in various industries.

THE NATIONAL MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE is located in the center of Coventry, central England. Coventry is a vibrant university town, including the UK's famous University of Warwick and Coventry University (automotive engineering design major ranked first in the UK and third in the world), and it is the major city of UK in the science and technology industry. The local area has extremely convenient and abundant life and cultural and entertainment facilities. Students can come in contact with real British culture.

Teaching characteristics

  • Boasting a national honorary faculty team

    The school is headed by Dr. Martin Stephen as the honorary principal, the former principal of St. Paul's College in London, England and the former chairman of the Union of British Principals; the school also has a team of honorary teachers, all of whom come from world-renowned schools, including the British Olympic National Team coach, A-Level examiner, and the 'First Class Excellent Teacher' recognized by the British Ministry of Education. The school implements one-to-one tutorial system and individualized teaching in small classes to prepare students for further studies in world-class universities.

  • Pursue outstanding academic achievements

    The school relies on the leading STEM courses in the UK, a high-quality team of teachers and a unique learning environment. In 2019, the school received a 10% admission rate of Oxford and Cambridge and 50% of the admission rate of G5 universities (the top five super elite universities in the UK); From 2018 to 2019, A-Level test scores A*-A accounted for as high as 64%; for three consecutive years, getting 100% A*-A in GCSE Mathematics; the per capita performance in the Olympic competition exceeds that of any school in the UK.

  • Unique British Parliament Internship Program

    NMSC is the only high school in Britain to participate in this internship program,. which is personally guided by senior British parliamentarians. Through this program, students can have a deep understanding of the British political system, discuss many contemporary topics, open their horizons, cultivate leadership and improve their overall quality.

  • Abundant extracurricular projects: Birmingham 'Spark Project'

    The school participates in a music creation project initiated and organized by City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra which provide lectures and guidance to students, and have the opportunity to rehearse and perform, it is a great oppertunity for students to explore and cultivate young people with talents and potential in music performance.

  • Abundant extracurricular projects: The Duke of Edinburgh Project

    The Duke of Edinburgh Award was established in the 1950s. Participants need to complete volunteer service, physical fitness, skills and other projects within 18 months. The school provides a variety of sports facilities including tennis courts, cricket fields, football pitches, rugby fields and indoor courts to encourage students to actively exercise, participate in social activities and develop hobbies.