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PPP project of National Highway 330 reconstruction-the total investment amounts to 1.797 billion yuan

The project conforms to the requirements of Zhejiang Province's transportation that 'promote three major constructions and build a smooth Zhejiang' and 'build a road network and five types of roads'. As one of the busiest and crowded sections in Jinyun, the former National Highway 330 from Jinyun Dongdu to Yongkang passes crosses through Dongdu Town, Wuyun Street, Qili Township, Xinjian Town and Xinbi Street.
The reconstruction can promote the development of Jinquli industrial belt, improve the highway traffic construction planning in Zhejiang Province and build a comprehensive transportation development plan for Lishui City in order to change the situation that the existing road sections are incapable of keeping up pace with the transportation development. Besides, the economic development and further development of tourism in the southwest of Zhejiang Province can be accelerated, the sustained and rapid economic development of Jinyun County can be promoted and a comprehensive affluent society can be built. As a result, the needs of other major transportation tasks and transportation for national defense combat readiness will be met.

Yan'an Expressway project in Yan'an-the total investment amounts 1.01 billion yuan

Located in Yaodian Industrial Park, Economic and Technological Development Zone of Yan'an, northeast of Yan'an City, the first-class highway connects Yan’an Expressway (from Yangshan Bridge to Yaodian section). This project is of great significance in strengthening the traffic links between the Economic Development Zone of Yan'an City and the central urban area, realizing the rapid transit of G210, showcasing the benefits brought by the transportation of the highway network, relieving the traffic pressure of Economic Development Zone of Yan'an City, promoting healthy development, expanding the urban development space of Yan'an City and improving the regional transportation environment and many other aspects.

PPP project of National Highway 330 reconstruction-the total investment amounts to 1.797 billion yuan

As an important passage of the first-class frame road network in Zhongxiang City and the fourth batch of demonstration projects of the Ministry of Finance. Jiajing Avenue project, including roads, bridges and culverts, geotechnical, lighting, transportation and greening, takes into account supporting projects such as hydropower gas pipe network, rainwater and sewage pipe network and utility tunnels. The traffic connection between Zhongxiang City and Zaoqian Expressway, Fendang Highway, National Highway 234 (237) and the artery and secondary trunk road networks in the city will be improved after completion, which is conducive to enhancing investment promotion and improving the urban environment and the infrastructure construction of Zhongxiang City. Once completed, it will become a landscape avenue for welcoming guests at the east exit of the city.

PPP project of the reconstruction and expansion of Linjiang Road in Yangzhou Economic Development Zone-the total Road ir investment amounts to 980 million yuan

As an important vertical artery planned in the port collection and distribution highway network of Yangtze River Economic Belt in Yangzhou and connected with high-grade roads such as National Highway 328, Provincial Highway 356 (high-grade highway along the Yangtze River) and Yangzijin Expressway, Linjiang Road directly crosses between Yangzhou old city and the southern subarea and belongs to "one vertical" in the "eight horizontals and seven verticals" trunk road network and achieves both functions of highway and urban traffic. LED Industrial Park, Yangzijin Ecological Park, comprehensive bonded zone and Logistics Park of Yangzhou Port (Liuwei operating area) are connected in series along the project. The reconstruction and expansion of Linjiang Road are crucial to the improvement of the regional artery network.

Rainwater and sewage diversion and development zone sewage injiang Road in Yangzhou treatment plant project in Sihong County-the total investment amounts to 1.17 billion yuan

As one of the important projects of Sihong County Government to promote the "transformation, improvement and upgrading" of the city, the project attracts the attention of the community. The implementation of this project, a response to the call of the national water pollution prevention and control to provide a fundamental guarantee for improving the urban water body, is of great significance to improve the living environment of the residential area as well as the quality of the water environment in urban area of Sihong, and to ensure the safety of residents' lives and property.

Fengling Park and the riverside landscape belt project on the west bank of Tuojiang River-the total investment amounts to 500 million yuan

As one of the important projects of the Municipal Committee of Ziyang City to promote the "transformation, improvement and upgrading" of the city, the project attracts the attention of the community. Two sub-projects are included in this project, namely, Fengling Park and the riverside landscape belt project located on the west bank of Tuojiang River. The living environment of Ziyang City and overall city quality will be greatly improved thanks to the implementation of the project. Once completed, the project will become a beautiful scenery line in Ziyang City and a new window to show its city image to the outside world.

Standardized factory building and supporting projects in the Economic Development Zone of Yushan County-the total Project Com investment amounts to 820 million yuan

The project represents a strategic plan to realize "the building of a strong industrial county in the whole province", remain committed to increasing investment promotion and capital introduction, and give priority to optimizing the investment environment in line with the 13th Five-Year Plan for the Economic Development of Yushan County. Thanks to the implementation of the new standardized factory building of 500 thousand square meters and supporting facilities project package PPP project in the Economic Development Zone of Yushan County, it is conducive to undertake the transfer of industries in the eastern coastal areas, meeting the development requirements of a resource-saving economy and society, and vigorously promoting the implementation of the strategy that calls for "beauty, richness, happiness and harmony" in Yushan County. To further improve the infrastructure of the Economic Development Zone of Yushan County and optimize the investment environment, which is of great importance of prompting the sustained, healthy and rapid development of the economy of Yushan, the road engineering, standardized factory buildings and supporting facilities, Wencheng Sewage Treatment Plant and supporting pipe networks, and sewage pipe networks in Jinshan District are constructed.

PPP project of Linggang Garden in the newly-built Changleng Industrial Park,Jiangxi Province-its total investment amounts to an,J inggang Garden in Changleng,Jlang. 1.201 billion yuan

The construction of this project strives to highlight the style and taste of residential buildings from all aspects, and strives to create an ideal living environment of urbanites. The exquisitely carved Shanghai style architecture and gardens reflected the vitality of life emphasize the design principle of people-oriented, combining with the land characteristics, and conforming to the geographical environment. The planned land is reasonably arranged. Emphasizing good living quality and the humanity and intimacy of the home, the residential environment portrays a  "feeling of returning home". Keeping up with the trend of the times and creatively planning the residential community with a distinct sense of the times, the project greatly improves the indoor and outdoor environment quality of the residential community.