Financial Services

Business Introduction

  • Service Area

    Automobile : passenger cars, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, auto parts, etc.
    Machinery: general machinery, special machinery, general parts, rail transit, aerospace and military industry, etc.
    Materials: Metal smelting and rolling, metal products, etc.
  • Major Customers

    Engineering Machinery
    Special Machinery for the Medical Industry
    General Machinery
    Vehicle and parts manufacturers;
    Engineering machinery, metallurgical mining and petrochemical machinery manufacturers;
    Manufacturers of special machinery for the medical industry, rail transit, aerospace and military industry;
    Manufacturers of general machinery and parts and metal materials.

Case Sharing

A state-owned material manufacturing group

Project Background :

In order to support the local government in constructing relevant national infrastructure, the group needed to spend about 1.5 billion yuan upgrading its product line in accordance with its planning for capacity expansion and infrastructure upgrading. After getting subsidies from the government and bank, the group still needed to raise 500 million yuan by itself. So, it decided to purchase new metallurgical equipment by financial leasing for the sake of smooth production.

Solution :

After learning about the group’s financial predicament, Far East Horizon took the initiative to provide a line of credit for it. It took only 40 days to go through all the formalities, including on-site inspection, credit evaluation and mortgage processing before providing three-year special funds for the group.

Featured Service

Far East Industry Elite Academy

The Far East Industry Elite Academy is a business college that focuses on the field of ‘Industry + Finance’. Professors at world-famous universities, industry experts and well-known corporate executives are brought together to guide corporate customers in long-term learning. Not only has the Far East Industry Elite Academy built an ‘alumni circle’ connecting thousands of intelligent manufacturing enterprise executives, but it also shares Far East Horizon’s long-term industry research findings and the resources it has accumulated in the upstream and downstream industry.

Consulting Report Sharing:

Sharing of reports including the Far East Industrial Research Center’s resource report, macroeconomic operation monitoring report, industry research report, Far East Industrial Prosperity Index, etc.

Manufacturing EMBA Class:

We offer EMBA classes regularly every year in cooperation with the Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, Xiamen University Lower Saxony Business School, and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with exchanges organized for model enterprises from home and abroad to help the industrial customers grow in the long run.

Intelligent Manufacturing Elite Club:

Dozens of small and medium-sized custom themed salons are held every year, involving cutting-edge topics such as finance, business administration and industrial research.