Financial Services

Business Introduction

  • Service Area

    Urban Infrastructure Construction
    Urban Municipal Services
    City Operation Services
    Urban Infrastructure Construction: Municipal engineering, ecological construction, comprehensive urban development, smart city construction, etc.
    Urban Municipal Services: Urban traffic, municipal heat supply, water utilities, gas, urban energy, etc.
    City Operation Services: Industrial heat supply, solid waste treatment, water treatment, environmental protection, etc.
  • Major Customers

    Public Transport Companies
    Heating Companies
    Water Companies
    Environmental Protection Companies
    Other Public Utility Companies
    Public Transport Companies
    Heating Companies
    Water Companies
    Environmental Protection Companies
    Other Public Utility Companies
    Professional Car Rental Companies
    New Energy Bus Operators
    Dealer Groups
  • Scope of Application

    Direct financing leasing
    Sale a nd leaseback
    Direct financing leasing:

    1. Public transport companies: vehicle purchase, etc.; 2. Heat supply, environmental protection companies: purchase of production equipment including boilers, shaft furnaces, etc.; 3. water companies: purchase, upgrading a nd renovation of equipment a nd tube steel, etc.; 4. Other public utilities companies: purchase of fixed assets

    Sale a nd leaseback:

    1.Equipment purchase; 2. Working capital replenishment; 3. Diversified business development; 4. Station a nd engineering construction; 5. M&A; 6. Short-term debt swap; 7. Project capital

Case Sharing

A Provincial Public Transport Project

Project Background:

In response to the government’s energy adjustment strategy, the public transport group of this provincial capital planned to buy about 2,000 new energy vehicles with total investment of about 3 billion yuan. With the national, provincial and municipal subsidies deducted, the group would still need to pay 1 billion yuan by itself. Considering the financing gap, the group planned to purchase new vehicles by means of financial leasing.


Relying on its strong fundraising and guarantee capabilities, Far East Horizon provided the customer with eight-year special funds; in terms of procedures, the traditional business model, for which project research and review are essential, was left out. Instead, the research and approval were completed within the shortest time, meeting the customer’s financial needs.

Featured Service

Far East Urban Public Utilities School

EMBA Class:

The Far East Urban Public Utilities College focuses on urbanization and smart city research, actively promotes sustainable urban development, and shoulders the tasks of theoretically studying urban development and providing planning and consulting services for urban operations. With the mission of ‘facilitating urban upgrading and building a beautiful home together’, the Far East Urban Public Utilities College is committed to establishing a professional exchange platform for China’s urban development. It assists the government and enterprises in broadening their horizons and sharing wisdom so as to promote the overall enhancement of public service levels in China’s urban public utilities area.

Touring speech on comprehensive business administration:

We walk into our customers’ enterprises, design touring speech courses in accordance with the needs of their middle managers, and give training lessons on the scene. The course content includes corporate strategic management, investment and finance management, human resource management, etc.

Far East Urban Public Utilities Forum

Urban Public Transport Finance Summit:

We have a high-level communication platform built specifically for public transport companies in order to promote resource integration, high-end customer interaction and industrial development.

Urban Heat Finance Summit:

We focus on hot topics of industry development and pay attention to the opportunities brought by the supply-side reform to provide assistance for the development of heating companies.

We are committed to building  a platform for customers to learn, communicate, and interact with one another in harmony:

Around urban public utilities, we hold forums, summits and trainings, and invite domestic and foreign urban development experts to give guidance to build a forward-looking, authoritative, academic and effective comprehensive exchange platform.