Financial Services

Business Introduction

  • Service Area

    Service to Medical Institutions:
    Service to Medical Circulation Companies:
    Service to Medical Institutions: Public medical institutions, private medical institutions, third-party medical institutions.
    Service to Medical Circulation Companies: Medicine, consumables, IVD, equipment and apparatus circulation companies.
  • Major Customers

    Public Medical Institutions
    Private Medical Institutions
    Third-party Medical Institutions
    Medical Circulation Companies
    Massive Health-related Companies
    Public Medical Institutions
    Private Medical Institutions
    Third-party Medical Institutions
    Medical Circulation Companies
    Massive Health-related Companies
  • Scope of Application

    Direct Equipment Leasing:
    Sale and Leaseback
    Direct Equipment Leasing : Helps medical institutions to save equipment purchase costs, and assist hospitals in bringing in key devices and expanding production.

    Sale and Leaseback : Revitalize existing equipment assets, replenish circulating funds, meet medical institutions’ medium and long-term funding needs, including temporary, temporary and seasonal ones, and provide stable financial support for long-term development.

Case Sharing

A grade-A hospital (a national baby-friendly hospital, one of the first pilot hospitals for comprehensive reform of public hospitals, and a pilot municipal hospital for standardized diagnosis and treatment of common tumors)

Project Background:

As one of the local hospitals for the treatment of COVID-19, the hospital is responsible for treating many confirmed cases. It is part of the main battlefield where COVID-19 is fought against. In February 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, the hospital’s income declined sharply with its cash flow becoming extremely tight. However, the  hospital urgently needed funds for purchasing prevention and control supplies, and the estimated funding gap was 50 million yuan.


During the epidemic, the Far East Horizon medical team maintained close phone communication with the hospital. After understanding the customer’s needs, the team worked with the Shanghai Headquarters in simplifying the approval process base on the principle of handling special cases with special methods. With a signing ceremony held in the video, the whole process from approval to payment took only 10 days, making it possible to provide the hospital with strong financial support in a timely manner. At the same time, relying on the strength of its hospital management team, Far East Horizon provided d the hospital with a professional consulting service, including key points of nosocomial infection prevention and control, guidance on negative pressure ward construction, etc., winning praise from the hospital.

Featured Service

Far East 'Medical+' College

The college focuses on key research into the development and operations management of medical and health industry institutions. It makes in-depth analysis of the development strategies of medical institutions. It is synchronized with the deepening of medical reform, and has opened a new window for medical management.

With ‘serving China’s healthcare industry and caring for health of the people’ as its mission, Far East 'Medical+ 'College has carefully built an enabling platform for high-end industries. It integrates rich experiences in a series of industry activities. Continuing intensive professional development for the senior management of healthcare institutions. This expands their horizons, and promotes overall improvement of the management level in the medical and health field.

Hospital Management and Development Summit

For giving full play to professional expertise and resource advantages, we work with the national and local health authorities in holding 'Hospital Management and Development Summit” for medical institutions across the country. For many years, the Summit has been bringing cutting-edge policy interpretation and knowledge sharing to hospital managers all over the country to trigger a collision of plural thinking.

‘Medical Vision World’, ‘Financial Intelligence’, ‘Wing Project’

In the massive health industry where reformation and development are in parallel, we promote industrial upgrading and add heft to healthy China. We continue to hold all of the above-mentioned events to build a platform for learning exchanges, resource sharing, promotion and development. So far, we have held more than 90 sessions, attended by a total of more than 5,000 medical institutions and business managers. Other featured modules include the Famous Hospital Express, Crossover Workshop, Management Workshop, etc.