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"Roll up your sleeves" and "Vaccination" together
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At 12:00 noon on April 20, the staff of the fourth batch of covid-19 vaccination in Far East Horizon Limited Co., Ltd were waiting in line at the vaccination site, and everything was so orderly.
Fear of adverse reactions? Worried about waiting in line too long? Have doubts about the efficacy of the vaccine and fear of virus mutation? Perhaps you have been "indifferent" to vaccines before,after watching the vaccination sidelights of Far East Hongxin, you may also want to "roll up your sleeves" and "vaccination" together.


sidelights of vaccination in our company


The details of vaccination in the Far East

1000 people

In line with the principle of "everyone who is willing to be vaccinated can get vaccinated ", our company has organized four batches and more than 1000 employees to complete the new cronovirus vaccination since March this year.


 employees of Far East Horizon line up for vaccination


45 minutes

The company actively coordinated and arranged for employees to be vaccinated at their "home" to shorten the whole process of "company departure - arrival at the scene - queuing for registration - vaccination - end of observation" to 45 minutes.


Far East Horizon staff Xiaoyu's "Vaccine Journey"


11:45:she took the bus from the company to the vaccination point (in the car according to the guidance of the staff, complete the relevant forms to fill in) 

11:50:she arrived at the scene and then lined up for vaccination


11:55: Xiaoyu completed the vaccination and began to watch


12:25: at the end of the watch, got on the bus and returned to her unit.


12:30: return to far East Horizon Square

The 45 minute "vaccination Tour" has a compact link and well-organized organization, which greatly improves the efficiency and experience of vaccination.




 Far east Horizon organizes employees to be vaccinated


0 case

Up to now, all vaccinated Far East employees have no obvious physical discomfort and no adverse reaction.

Far east Horizon infirmary said that before vaccination, the company carried out a population adaptation review for registered employees;it formulates corresponding emergency treatment plans for all kinds of adverse reactions that may occur; The clinic also provides 24-hour telephone service for the staff to closely track the status of the staff after vaccination.


 Far east Horizon infirmary participates in vaccination support


First -class response to the vaccination 

As early as the end of last year, Kong Fanxing, the chief executive of Far East Horizon, repeatedly gave instructions: let the employees vaccinate as soon as possible, ensure the life safety of all employees, and ensure the stable and orderly operation of the company.

Since this year, Kong has personally directed the deployment of vaccination work, and the Far East epidemic prevention and control joint working group has taken immediate action to carry out vaccination services in an all-round way.

On March 5, after receiving feedback from relevant departments on vaccine application, the epidemic prevention and control joint working group immediately opened vaccination registration to the whole company.

Within 48 hours, Far east Horizon made "first-class response" in all directions to complete the registration staff grouping, vehicle coordination, support materials, emergency medical preparation and other matters.



On March 9th
The first batch of employees completed the vaccination
On April 9th
The second batch of employees completed the vaccination
On April 14th
The third batch of employees completed the vaccination
On April 21st
The fourth batch of employees completed vaccination

Offices in Beijing, Tianjin, Hefei, Xi'an, Chongqing, Chengdu and Hong Kong also actively cooperate with local epidemic prevention and control departments and health departments to implement vaccination. Up to now, more than 1000 Far East employees have completed vaccination.


Protect yourself, your family, your company and your country

The management led by Kong Fanxing not only actively organized the vaccination of employees, but also set an example and took the lead in participating in vaccination, calling on everyone to build the great wall of immunization.

"We call on people in the Far East to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Vaccinating is not only a way to protect themselves, their families, their companies, but also a way to protect the country."
Wang Ruisheng, head of the Far East epidemic prevention and control joint working group and vice president of the company, said that Far East will continue to respond to the call of the state, further improve the efficiency of vaccination, and accelerate the comprehensive coverage of vaccine immune barrier.

Wang Ruisheng directs the vaccination work on site


Why is vaccination important according to the specialists?


Q: since the epidemic situation in China is well under control, why should I be vaccinated against COVID-19?

Zhong Nanshan (academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and head of the High-level Group of experts of the National Health and Health Commission): China's current good epidemic prevention situation is based on very strict control over overseas imports, but China cannot always do so. After the opening of the country, if China is immune-free, it will lead to one of the previous efforts to fight the disease-torch. Therefore, resolutely vaccinated is the necessity of the development of Chinese society.


Q: what about the side effects of vaccination with COVID-19 vaccine?

Zhang Wenhong (Director of infection Department, Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University and head of Shanghai COVID-19 Medical treatment expert Group): the main vaccine listed in China is inactivated vaccine, and its safety is the highest among the sequence of vaccine. Scientifically speaking, it is impossible that the vaccine doesn’t have any adverse reactions and the adverse reactions recorded at present are acceptable.


Q:since the protection period of the vaccine is only half a year, Why should it be given?

Shao Yiming (researcher of China Center for Disease Control and prevention and consultant of who vaccine R & D Committee): the so-called half year protection period only means that some people's neutralizing antibodies will decline after half a year. Even so, if they are infected by the virus, a large number of memory cells will be awakened and produce immunity, which is different from the immunity of people who have never been vaccinated. In addition, the existing mutant strains can only partially reduce the protection efficiency of the vaccine, and the protection rate of the vaccine for severe cases is still high.


Q: how many people need to be vaccinated to build an immune barrier?
Zhang Wenhong: at least 70% of the population needs to be vaccinated before the protection rate is basically up to standard. This is the minimum requirement. In many cases, it may not be enough. It's better to achieve 80% without capping.