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Green Engineering Exemplified by Horizon Construction Development
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At the end of 2022, in response to China’s commitment to “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” to the world, Far East Horizon passed a bill named “Company Carbon Goal Planning” and announced that it will strive to achieve carbon peaking by 2025, and realize carbon neutrality of the whole value chain by 2050. Since its establishment, Horizon Construction Development, an integrated equipment operation service provider under Far East Horizon, has been devoted to replacing the existing energy-extensive and high-pollution engineering construction mode with energy-efficient green engineering materials and equipment in all aspects, and comprehensively driving the innovative development of China’s green engineering industry through innovation of equipment, materials, engineering and construction methods, which is led by Horizon Construction Development’s three main businesses—neo-excavation support system, neo-formwork system, and aerial work platforms, so as to complete nationwide green transformation of construction engineering inside and outside.


(Green engineering refers to high-quality engineering throughout the life cycle to save resources, protect the environment and reduce pollution, so as to provide people with a healthy, suitable and highly efficient space for use, and realize the harmonious coexistence of human and nature to the greatest extent. As a significant part of energy conservation and emission reduction in the future decade, the low-carbonization of the construction engineering will provide new driving force for green development, guide strategic emerging industries such as energy conservation and environment protection to grow quickly, and gradually become a pillar industry.)

For most people, the first impression of large-scale projects is usually hundreds of cement mixers and muck trucks occupying the road for weeks, various types of machinery working at full blast in the foundation pit, dust blowing several kilometers around the construction site... Due to the adoption of concrete support in traditional foundation pit, “dirt, mess and noise” are often the main reasons for nearby residents’ aversion to engineering construction.


In the new teaching building project of certain medical university in Northeast China, it took merely a few nights for Horizon Construction Development to transport the earthwork and supporting materials for the project’s foundation pit to the construction site and complete installation smoothly, with the manpower and vehicles used reduced considerably compared to the original construction method. And this is only a tip of the iceberg of the neo-excavation support system’s green characteristics.


Compared to the traditional construction method of concrete support, which requires a period of at least 1-2 months for putting up, air drying and removing, the neo-excavation support system of Horizon Construction Development not only saves the troubles of these procedures, but also cuts down the consumption of concrete materials by thousands of tons and substantially reduces carbon emission from the three major processes of transportation, casting and concrete removal, thus earning the reputation of “green construction site” for owners in practice.

Horizon Construction Development’s Green Foundation Pit: “Dustless” Environment in the Surroundings


Certain stadium project for the Hangzhou Asian Games—another construction project with the participation of Horizon Construction Development—is located in the heart of the urban area of Hangzhou and next to a national environmental monitoring station with strict requirements for dust control at the site. By making full use of foundation pit mesh fence, installing an automatic spray system and purchasing equipment like neo-high-pressure misting turret, the dust from bare soil was greatly reduced during the excavation of foundation pit. Neo-dust inhibitor was adopted to control the secondary pollution of traditional dust screens. With dust-suppression efficiency up to 85% and duration of effect above 36 times that of sprinkling water for dust suppression, its advantages including high dust-suppression efficiency, long-lasting effect, environmental friendliness, no secondary pollution and low cost. In 2021, the project was listed as one of the best in the district in terms of dust improvement effect throughout the year, and was praised by the Housing and Construction Bureau of Hangzhou for its dust improvement work.

Neo-Formwork System Enables Clean, Stable, Fast and Economical Construction of Main Buildings

Main body construction on the foundation pit has always been one of the major “carbon-emitting” processes of the construction engineering industry. In the past, most projects in China adopted the fastener-style or the even more outdated bamboo formwork as the support of main structure construction, and its poor mounting strength and high vulnerability have led to hidden dangers in the process of formwork construction. 


Horizon Construction Development’s neo-formwork system (i.e. turnbuckle formwork) has become the new generation of system with the highest overall benefits in the construction of building main structure due to advantages such as high safety, large space, great bearing capacity, fast setup, lower cost, complete functions and wide application. The neo-formwork system of Horizon Construction Development has not only a domestic leading automatic production line of turnbuckle formwork, but also second-to-none support guarantee capacity and project design capability. Through customization of setup plans targeting different projects, it can not only save on the leasing cost of formwork materials, but also reduce the cost of project implementation and increase project accuracy considerably by arranging for the entry and exit of materials of different specifications according to the project schedule. Thus, it has been well received by owners.

Horizon Construction Development’s Neo-Formwork System: A Sci-Fi World of Construction Site


In recent years, the use of turnbuckle formwork has been successively enforced in various provinces and cities of China, and turnbuckle formwork is the future development trend of architectural industrialization. At present, with the continuous promotion at the state level, the proportion of architecture adopting turnbuckle formwork has been increasing by the day. Take certain key project of Huai’an, Jiangsu for which Horizon Construction Development is the contractor as an example: all main buildings are constructed with the adoption of turnbuckle formwork. With “green and low-carbon” as the keynote of construction, the project’s design scheme combines economization on land, energy, water and materials with conservation of resources. The Company realized construction with turnbuckle formwork by utilizing BIM technology, shortened the construction period by a dozen of days in the set-up of materials, and received the honorary title of “green and safe construction site” of the city.


Combination Blow of Green R&D with the Promotion of Electrical Aerial Work Platforms

With vigorous promotion by the state, “new energy vehicles” is increasingly becoming a hot topic of concern by all sectors of the society. Nevertheless, in Horizon Construction Development, the use of “new energy equipment” has been popularized on a large scale long ago. In as early as 2017, Horizon Construction Development had begun to advocate electrical aerial work platforms in the market of southern China. According to customer feedbacks at that time, the cost of an electric scissor lift was only one tenth of that of a diesel-driven one; furthermore, it had greatly improved the company’s exhaust emission and substantially reduced environmental noise at the construction site, and was therefore widely welcomed by front-line workers. Nowadays, the proportion of new energy equipment in Horizon Construction Development’s newly purchased equipment is still increasing by the year. In particular, over 70% of the most widely applied small and micro equipment is electrical. Horizon Construction Development has become one of the integrated equipment operation service providers most active in promoting new energy equipment.

Horizon Construction Development’s Aerial Work Platforms: The Future Trend of Green Construction


As the idea of green construction takes an increasingly deeper root, Horizon Construction Development has been continuously enhancing its intellectual property reserves of green building engineering, achieved remarkable scientific and technological innovation results, and gradually improved its independent innovation capacity. It has mastered a batch of key technologies including green foundation pit construction technology, green formwork construction technology, and electrical aerial equipment maintenance technology. Meanwhile, Horizon Construction Development has kept consolidating the innovation platform of its enterprise technology center, increasing its input into research and development, and promoting the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements for the market. Today, two platforms under Horizon Construction Development have been identified as national high-tech enterprises.


In 2023, Horizon Construction Development has further clarified the operating direction of its green engineering business, and gone all out to explore a new market. Committed to realizing safer and more efficient production and operation for clients, on the basis of “digital, intelligent and low-carbon” construction, it adopts “internet + big data” technology to build a green and intelligent construction site in an all-round way. With digital operation system as the foundation, it makes use of functions including remote networking, data interchange and joint control of computer networks while promoting neo-mobile terminal to realize remote control of safety hazards, eco-environment protection, consumption of materials, etc. By vigorously promoting green and intelligent engineering, Horizon Construction Development has fired the new engine for development to help enterprises achieve high-quality development.