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  • Domains of Services

    Electronic components and parts
    Electrical machinery
    Electronic terminal products
    Information technology application
    Electronic components and parts: PCB, semiconductors, structural parts and other components, electronic materials, etc.
    Electrical machinery: power distribution equipment, motor manufacturing, battery, PV, LED lighting, household appliances, etc.
    Electronic terminal products: terminal OEM and panel display, communication equipment, etc.
    Information technology application: cable TV network, information system integration, etc.
    Instrumentation: instruments and apparatuses, etc.

Case Sharing

A listed electronic information company


This domestic listed company was in stable operation, with steady growth in revenue and profit, and had abundant monetary funds. The local government launched a financial leasing subsidy policy to support the development of manufacturing enterprises. Two subsidiaries of the company were selected for the government’s enterprise multiplication program. According to the subsidy policy, they are entitled to a financial leasing discount. Hence, our client hoped to launch financial leasing projects through its two subsidiaries so as to enjoy the local government subsidy.


Based on the detailed subsidy rules, FEHORIZON devised a quotation plan for the client which enabled it to better enjoy government subsidy. Meanwhile, FEHORIZON helped the client minimize its financing cost. Regarding the two subsidiaries, FEHORIZON designed direct leasing projects and sale-leaseback projects respectively, so that the company enjoyed the government subsidy to the greatest extent.

A comprehensive Internet service provider


The company was a professional Internet service provider that specialized in offering broadband access, IDCs and value-added services, as well as other comprehensive Internet services. As the company had just been listed, little cooperation was established with financial institutions. Consequently, the company was left with limited financing channels and poor credit accumulation. Moreover, due to insufficient property for use as collateral, it couldn’t get a large loan from the bank. A funding shortfall appeared when the company planned to spend more than 600 million yuan building large IDCs in other parts of the country to foster its development.


A private enterprise power station


The company was engaged in photovoltaic manufacturing and distributed power-station business. In the continuous upgrading of industry technology, due to its financial limitation, the company adjusted its strategy to focus on distributed power-stations, and decided to improve its manufacturing competitiveness by technological transformation. To afford the construction of power stations, the client hoped to get long-term and stable funds whose credit line increases and credit period extends with the increase in the number of power-stations built.

Featured Services

“FEHORIZON Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing” Client Activities

FEHORIZON Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing is a platform committed to providing value-added services for high-end clients such as listed companies. It aims at building a high-end social network for exchanges and interaction through activities where “knowing” correlates with “doing” (e.g. the EMBA courses offered at business schools, the exchange visits among famous companies, etc.)

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