Financial Services

Business Introduction

  • Service Area

    Packaging and Printing
    Textile and Clothing
    Food and Beverage
    Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery
    Trade and Retail
    Light Industry Manufacturing
    Packaging and Printing : paper packaging, plastic packaging, printing, papermaking, etc.
    Textile and Clothing : spinning, fiber materials, weaving, textile consumer goods production, etc.
    Food and Beverage : high-end condiments, dairy products, snacks, healthcare food, drinking water and functional drinks, etc.
    Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery : seeds and feeds, livestock/poultry breeding, agricultural and sideline product processing, planting, forestry, etc.
    Trade and Retail : offline supermarkets, department stores, online retail, etc.
    Light Industry Manufacturing : furniture and wood processing, household ceramic products, medical consumables, rubber and plastic products, etc.
  • Major Customers

    Packaging Companies
    Printing Companies
    Papermaking Companies
    Spinning Companies
    Food Companies
    Packaging Companies
    Printing Companies
    Papermaking Companies
    Spinning Companies
    Food Companies
    Beverage Companies
    Animal Husbandry Companies
    Supermarkets & Department Stores
    Artificial Board Plants
    Wood Companies.etc
  • Scope of Application

    Agricultural Enterprises
    Supermarkets and Shopping Malls
    Packaging, printing, papermaking, textile, light engineering, food and beverage companies: production equipment purchase, etc.

    Agricultural Enterprises : production material purchase, etc.

    Supermarkets and Shopping Malls : new shopping mall construction, goods purchase, etc.

Case Sharing

A Listed Company

Project Background:

The company, listed on the domestic main board, made its fortune in the traditional manufacturing industry. It enjoyed a relatively stable industry position with a relatively stable operating situation and steady profits. It was involved in bank credit, bond issuance and targeted additional issuance. The company had cooperated with financial institutions for many years and maintained a good relationship with the government. In a certain year, the bond issuance market was in a downturn. As an AA entity, the customer needed to adjust its debt structure. Also, it needed to raise funds in a way that was suitable for the film and TV operator it had just acquired. The company hoped to open up a financing channel in the film and TV sector, while adjusting its debt structure to eliminate the impact the stagnant bond issuance market was having on it.

A leading Chinese pet food company

Project Background:

The company was a leading Chinese pet food company favored by external strategic investors such as KKR and Lenovo Legend Capital. To expand its production capacity and improve its product competitiveness, the company needed to spend more than 90 million yuan building a new automatic factory.


Far East Horizon provided a 3-year comprehensive credit line, 100 million yuan, for the company. Also, relying on its own flexible products, Far East Horizon provided the customer, which remained in the pre-listing tutoring period, with an effective method for financial expense capitalization by specifying the use of funds in the contract and clarifying special accounts, winning high recognition from the customer. Far East Horizon also established leaseback cooperation with the customer on the premise that it still could obtain a working capital loan of about 100 million yuan from the bank.

Featured Service

Industry Exhibition

For many consecutive years, Far East Horizon has been actively involved in various cutting-edge industry exhibitions in the customer industry, such as the Textile Industry Exhibition, All in Print China, International Rubber and Plastic Industry Exhibition and Household Paper Exhibition, etc. With years of accumulation in the industry, we are devoted to establishing communication and exchange platforms for customers with the aid of these exhibitions.