Financial Services

Business Introduction

  • Service Area

    Cultural Media:
    Education : Higher education, elementary education, training, etc
    Tourism : Tourist attractions, scenic area management a nd service, etc
    Cultural media : Advertising, traditional media, cinemas, etc
    Other : Hotels, restaurants, sports, technology, etc.
  • Major Customers

    Public Transport Companies
    Higher Education Institutions
    K-12 Schools
    Other Educational Institutions
    Tourist Attractions
    Public Transport Companies
    Higher Education Institutions
    K-12 Schools
    Other Educational Institutions
    Tourist Attractions
    Hotel Companies
    Catering Groups
    Traditional Media Platforms
    Cinemas Group
  • Scope of Application

    Tourist Attractions
    Hotel and Catering
    Media Platform
    Tourist Attractions: Infrastructure investment, loan turnover, upgrading and transformation.

    Schools : 1) private universities: listing, upgrade from junior college to university, teaching evaluation, infrastructure construction, etc.; 2) Private K-12 schools: infrastructure construction, teaching equipment procurement, etc.; 3) Kindergartens: kindergarten construction, M&A, etc.

    Hotel and Catering : New chain store opening, old store renovation, new store decoration.

    Media Platform : Copyright purchase, facility purchase.

    Cinemas : Scale expansion, franchising.

Case Sharing

A state-owned 5A-level tourist attraction

Project Background:

A certain city implemented the strategy of ‘developing the city through tourism’. A well-known state-owned 5A-level tourist attraction in this city took advantage of the opportunity to actively enhance its image and expand its business. It had a need for infrastructure construction and scenic area reconstruction, but it was underfunded and had many fixed assets.


As a leader in the financial leasing industry, Far East Horizon has strong financial strength and deep industrial accumulation. After need confirmation, Far East Horizon quickly established sale-leaseback cooperation with the customer and took the customer’s fixed assets as leased items to provide it with a financial loan worth 100 million yuan, offering strong financial support to its industrial infrastructure construction and scenic area reconstruction. In addition, through the integration of industrial resources, Far East Horizon successfully recommended the introduction of high-end hotel partners such as IHG to assist the tourist attraction in earning secondary consumption income.

Core Value:

Featured Service

Experts database and channel resource establishment:

Professional services are provided for target customers to meet their development demand.

Regular Marketing Activities:

The Business Department and regional branches will regularly hold professional forums on tourism and education.