Financial Services

Business Introduction

  • Domains of Services

    Cultural Media
    Education : higher education, elementary education, training, etc.
    Tourism: tourist attractions, attraction management & service, etc.
    Cultural media : advertising, traditional media, cinemas, etc.
    Others: hotels, restaurants, sports, technology, etc.
  • Major Clients

    Higher Education Institutions
    K-12 Schools
    Other Educational Institutions
    Tourist Attractions
    Hotel Companies
    Higher Education Institutions
    K-12 Schools
    Other Educational Institutions
    Tourist Attractions
    Hotel Companies
    Catering Groups
    Traditional Media Platforms
    Cinemas Group
  • Scope of Application

    Tourist Attractions
    Hotel and Catering
    Media Platform
    Tourist Attractions: infrastructure investment, loan turnover, upgrading and transformation.

    Schools : 1) private universities: listing, upgrade from junior college to university, teaching evaluation, infrastructure construction, etc.; 2) Private K-12 schools: infrastructure construction, teaching equipment procurement, etc.; 3) kindergartens: kindergarten construction, M&A, etc.

    Hotel and Catering : new regular chain store operating, old store renovation, new store decoration.

    Media Platform : copyright purchase, facility purchase.

    Cinema Chain: scale expansion, cinema franchising.

Case Sharing

A state-owned 5A-level tourist attraction


One certain city implemented the strategy of “basing city development on tourism”. Taking advantage of the opportunity, a well-known state-owned 5A-level tourist attraction actively enhanced its image and expanded its business. There was a need for infrastructure construction and scenic area reconstruction, but they were underfunded and had too many fixed assets.


As a leading company in the financial leasing industry, FEHORIZON has abundant capital and industry deposits. Having confirmed the client’s need, we quickly started sale-leaseback cooperation and took the client’s fixed assets as leased items to provide it with a financial loan of 100 million yuan. This served as a strong financial support to the client’s industrial infrastructure construction and scenic area reconstruction. In addition, by integrating industrial resources, FEHORIZON successfully introduced high-end hotel partners such as IHG, contributing to secondary consumption income of the tourist attraction.

Core Value:

Featured Services

Professional services are provided for target clients to meet their development need.

The Business Department and regional branches regularly hold professional forums on tourism and education.